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  1. ProtoCycler: Free, Sustainable 3D Printer Filament Recycler
  2. Voxel8 Unveils New Electronics 3D Printer At 2015 CES
  3. Venture Capitalist 3D Prints a Rocket Faster Than the Speed of Sound for Under $2
  4. 3D Print Your Own Filament Counter and Stay On Top of Future Print Jobs
  5. Art in motion: 3D Printed Sculptures Look Alive When Spun Under A Strobe Light
  6. Tired already of Kapton and/or blue tape? Check this out!
  7. Print Troubleshooting Pictorial Guide
  8. Smoothie-3D: Turn your 2D pics onto 3D objects!
  9. Mosaic Manufacturing Reveals Multi-Colored 3D Printing from a Single Extruder
  10. Control your 3d printer with old WiFi router using OpenWRT and OctoPrint
  11. How It Is Made: 3D Printing Filament
  12. Is your 3D Printer in standby? Make it print some help!
  13. Chameleon Printer (Made in Israel): 1 head = all colors in 1 go!
  14. will.i.am introduces the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer
  15. 3D Printed Eiffel Tower: 100 hours. 1Km of Filament.
  16. FedEx And UPS Refuse to Ship a Digital Mill That Can Make Untraceable Guns
  17. New IndieGOGO Campaign for Rapide Lite 200XL
  18. New 3 Filament Extruder for ANY 1.75mm 3D Printer in the works!
  19. Print your own 3D Airsoft Rifle Gun (from Battelfield 4)
  20. BBP: Make your 3D Printer faster - The 3D PrinterBoard that is beating every other!
  21. Build your own... QUADRUPLE extruder!!
  22. Mechanical Engineer 3D Prints a Working 5-Speed Transmission for a Toyota 22RE Engine
  23. Swiss Engineer 3D Prints an Incredible Laser Projection Clock
  24. 1 week later, Carbon3D System superfast SLA printer is already 1-up!
  25. 3D Printed "Desktop" PC ;)
  26. Introducing... Rapide Lite 100
  27. Introducing... The Diamond Hotend - Single nozzle multi-color 3D printing
  28. Retouch3D: A brand new way to finish 3D prints
  29. 19 Robots for the Movie ‘Chappie’ Were 3D Designed and Printed by Weta WorkShop of NZ
  30. # 3 D Benchy / 3D Model specifically designed for testing & benchmarking 3D Printer
  31. Build...the most printable 3D printer!
  32. Clear (transparent!) filament finally sees light! (literally!)
  33. Meet OnShape: CAD design in the Cloud!
  34. The Palette: Realtime filament color combiner - Early birds SOLD OUT in 2 minutes!
  35. Rapide 3D and 3DPrinterOS Cloud Bundle Makes 3D Printing A Breeze
  36. Build your own printer...for less than $200!
  37. California Deputies Raid Identity Theft Ring and Find “3D Printer” Making an AR-15
  38. CloudDDM: Factory With 100 (Eventually 1,000) 3D Printers & Just 3 Employees at UPS
  39. taulman3D Releases New High-Strength Filament, In-PLA
  40. NEA 3D: Stylish & Upgradeable 3D Printing for All
  41. 11 Experts Share Their Top 3D Printing Beginner Tips
  42. Makerarm, the Complete Personal Fabrication System & 3D Printer, to be Unveiled soon
  43. 3D Print Speeds to Approach 1800 mm/sec, Thanks to REAL’s 3D Printer Boards
  44. Rapide 3D Printers on the London 2015 3D Printshow
  45. Automatic Print Ejector - The Punching Machine
  46. eWaste: Your DIY $60 3D Printer
  47. After eWaste, here comes Chimera: a $60 DLP High-resolution DIY Printer!
  48. The all-new Cura With all-new features
  49. Designer 3D Prints & Shares Poison Dart Gun in Response to Ban on Online Weapon Schem
  50. MakerBot Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Faulty Extruders
  51. Gazan medico team 3D-prints world-leading stethoscope for 30c
  52. Wanna replicate the Curiosity Rover 1:1 scale? Got the printer? Now you can!
  53. Morpheus 3D Printer: 1st LIPS Printer to hit Kickstarter - 7 days left!
  54. Glowforge: The 3D laser printer that makes beautiful things, quickly
  55. Lewis Grand Hotel teams with Andrey Rudenko to develop world's first 3D printed hotel
  56. Glowforge: The 3D laser printer that makes beautiful things, quickly - PREORDER NOW!
  57. Introducing.... BLTouch - Autoleveling Sensor for 3D Printers
  58. This brilliant guy creates first ever 3D printed portable homemade railgun
  59. Need to replace your Rapide 200 XL mainboard? Someone told you it's "propietary"?
  60. How to set the perfect extruder temperature on your 3D Printer
  61. Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide
  62. 3D Printed Modular Mars Habitat Model
  63. Dondolo v1.0b: Two extruders, 1 Motor
  64. 3D Printed Solar Palms Provide Sustainable Technology Hubs in Dubai
  65. 3D Printing Shotgun Slugs with bronzeFill PLA Filament
  66. Hovalin: Print your own Stradivarius!
  67. FLEKS3D makes your 3D printer BETTER
  68. The Fragile Giant - The smallest man-made object ever to be filmed
  69. Unboxing & Build: The (beta) bq Hepehstos 2! And a note on neutrality
  70. MORPHEUS - The first look : Mark4 version and more ...
  71. Introducing nGen: colorFabb's newest copolyester 3D printing filament
  72. Formfutura introduces ABSpro™ Flame Retardant filament!
  73. Build yourself a 3D Printing Pen with LEGO and a Glue Gun!
  74. NEA Printers crowdfunding project CANCELLED. Refunds to take place soon.
  75. IKEA hack lets you create a 3D printer enclosure for cheap
  76. Apple investigating 3D color printer technology
  77. Watch a GoPro Camera, Safely Encased in a 3D Printed Capsule, Get Shot Out of a Canno
  78. The Lunavast CrafteHbot Brings Color to FDM 3D Printing
  79. Create glass effect using watson filament
  80. Rapide 3D to sell 3D Printers....again?
  81. Introducing... The Toranado Precision Geared 1.75mm Extruder
  82. Czech Pilot Launches Library for 3D Printed R/C Airplanes
  83. EasyWood™ in 4 new variants!
  84. The 3D Nefertiti Hack
  85. A new boeing patent describes levitating 3d printing
  86. Autodesk’s Project Escher
  87. NASA to send second 3D printer into space & set its Cygnus spacecraft on fire
  88. This OLO box will turn your smartphone into a DLP 3D printer for just $99
  89. 3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle
  90. The M.I.T. introduces... 3D Printing with Fluids
  91. llforge seeks to create first true desktop factory with plastic and metal 3D molding
  92. Paypal blocks successful Indiegogo 3D printing campaign
  93. Kickstarter 3D printer (Peachy Printer) funds 'used to build house'
  94. Featuring... 101Hero : The World's First US$49 3D Printer
  95. Silicone Socks - Cleaner nozzles and sharper prints
  96. LokBuild : (a new) 3D Print Build Surface
  97. Metamaterial Mechanisms
  98. Largest 3D Printed Structure - Guinness World Record - Interview with Designer
  99. MORPHEUS delta; Fine Quality Resin 3D Printer at FDM price on Kickstarter!
  100. The Most Affordable SLA 3D Printer Classical design & reliable desktop SLA 3D printer
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  102. Stratasys heated build chamber for 3d printer patent us6722872b1 set to expire this w