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  1. Morpheus 3D Printer: 1st LIPS Printer to hit Kickstarter - 7 days left!
  2. Did you decide to back Morpheus? Introduce yourself! Comment too if u decided not to!
  3. Mark IV Review
  4. So what's the FIRST resin print you're gonna try with your Morpheus and why? ;)
  5. Where to buy (compatible) SLA resin in Europe?
  6. Post Processing and Finishing Thread
  7. Resin Curing test
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  9. Creation Workshop Manual
  10. Useful (hardware companion) tools for our Morpheus!
  11. The (PRINT3Dforum) Morpheus 3D Printer Review! (WIP)
  12. Creation Workshop Estimation time out of the league?!
  13. Techical Questions and Troubleshooting Thread
  14. Failed print show off
  15. So how many (spare) films did you get with your Morpheus?
  16. Resins Similar to ABS
  17. nanoDLP with Mark IV
  18. Unsticking Print Reloaded
  19. Successful Prints
  20. You may find it useful for fixing your Morpheus prints ;)
  21. Morpheus Modifications
  22. Setting up my Morpheus
  23. Morpheus user group online meetup ?
  24. Hello from TEAM OWL WORKS
  25. dumb question, how to distinguish which side of the film is facing upward?
  26. Photonic3D any1 ?
  27. I paid the payment to SJ Park for the Morhpeus Printer a few weeks ago...
  28. The cheapest resins - anyone testing?
  29. Morpheus Delta or E7 anyone?
  30. Makerjuice + NanoDLP anyone?
  31. Layer thickness
  32. Morpheus Mark4 is for sale
  33. Buying first metal 3D printer, please advice!
  34. Does anyone own/use a Photocentric Liquid Crystal or Liquid Crystal Pro?
  35. Morpheus E7, How to upgrade the firmware to use with wew version of nanodlp ?
  36. need Help with my Morpheous 3d printer setup - cable for the platen motors