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  1. Welcome Creality 10 Owners!
  2. Can you post some of your successful prints?
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  4. New CR-10
  5. Hacked CR-10 Parts List by the Community!
  6. Slicing Software
  7. Functional Basis for Orange Inserts?
  8. Repetier Ideal Settings
  9. Help with my first print
  10. Printer enclosure
  11. Printing issues
  12. Want to try ABS for first time
  13. First Layer Problem
  14. Power supplys?
  15. Magnetic heating bed
  16. Printing Issues (Feeder sometimes to fast!?)
  17. New to 3D printing
  18. Looking for software that came on the SD card with the CR-10
  19. Fans
  20. Is Gearbest legit?
  21. Noob question of the day...
  22. Inner holes size
  23. Print bed on CR-10
  24. Problem with new CR10 Z axis motor ?
  25. Control Box information
  26. Cr-10 experience
  27. Stock LCD mounting hole spacing
  28. Having under extrusion problems (extruder clicking)
  29. Creality Cr10 best adhesion
  30. CR-10 experience
  31. Prints look like shredded wheat
  32. Misc Piece in Box of CR-10 & Extra Control Box Wire
  33. Creality Cr-10 Brand new Heated Bed Not Working
  34. auto level
  35. Massive PLA blob covering extruder
  36. Question about printing time
  37. bed height
  38. New Micro SD Card Dosn't Work
  39. CR-10 Not Printing
  40. help print
  41. Please help me!!!!!!!
  42. Newbie Setup question
  43. CR-10 wrong homing position and limit stops not working
  44. CRS10 bed level
  45. Introduction, and a word of advice.
  46. Creality Ender 4
  47. Extruder from menu not working after changing filament
  48. Highest nozzle and bed temps for CR10s
  49. Keenovo Heat Bed
  50. High pitch sqweeling noise
  51. Print Halted Hotend shuts off while auto homing
  52. HELP ME! extruder KILLED error
  53. Help, Hot end enclosure seeping out molten filament
  54. Will this forum be useful to a CR-20 user?
  55. new user needs help
  56. CR10 display control knob intermiten
  57. New User Wondering about Spares
  58. clear plastic box
  59. Problem Cr-10 Heatbed and Nozzle not heating up
  60. Heating issue
  61. Bed heater problem