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  1. Rapide Lite, Affordable High Resolution 3D Printer - IndieGoGo Campaign!
  2. [DOCS] The (semi)Official Rapide LITE FAQ
  3. The FAQ Feeder
  4. I'm getting a Rapide Lite xxx!! - I'm gonna print yyyy!!
  5. Arrivals
  6. Watch out for weak hex screws
  7. Did you print already?
  8. Do you want to Print Over Wifi, and More.
  9. My First Successful Print!
  10. Cura settings From Rapide Lite
  11. Quick start assembly guide - work in progress from Rapide Lite
  12. Complications
  13. can't connect to the printer
  14. My First Successful Print!
  15. List of known issues with Rapide Lite 200
  16. 5 Awesome Prints!
  17. 3D Software settings for Rapide Lite
  18. First impressions
  19. Need help with Z-Axis calibration
  20. Suggestions for Improvement to Rapide Lite 200 V1.x
  21. [HOW TO] Set up the Hardware
  22. Extruder making clicking noise
  23. Makezine Test Probes
  24. Finally setting up! help required!
  25. Rapide Lite 200 Census
  26. Built comments/tip and extra parts
  27. What to print? 3D Scan it! :D
  28. [DOCS] Rapide Lite Manual V1.3
  29. Serial Timeout with Cura on long print
  30. Prints with filling material
  31. My very first print!
  32. Printing via SD Card
  33. My first print failed ... and so it begins : ]
  34. newbie with an iMac - startup guide anyone?
  35. 355C thermistor reading? Possible bad hotend?
  36. New Print - Repetier via SD .3mm
  37. bed rattle
  38. No heat in the extruder
  39. Cooling fan control and wiring.
  40. Video of Printing Xmas tree Star
  41. Great computer mouse for modeling!
  42. Problem Z Axes
  43. Rapide Lite 200 under Linux
  44. Ahesion to Kapton tape
  45. Cable tie holder for Rapide Lite's
  46. Dialing in the extruder
  47. Burned Extruder heating Element, temperature sensor was loose !
  48. Instructions
  49. You Tube Video's for the Rapide Lite 3D Printer
  50. Last minute X'mas 3D printed gift for someone who has everything ?
  51. Cura Minimum Layer time
  52. Really appreciate you sharing this article. Keep writing.
  53. Print not in center
  54. ABS delamination
  55. Z Axis screws and bearings
  56. Mac connection procedure - issues?
  57. How I cleaned the nozzles after print problems
  58. Bed heating power cable hooked by the bed belt tensioner
  59. Installing frame nuts in chassis rail
  60. Threadlocker Blue to keep screws from loosening
  61. Missing tension screws on Y axis motor
  62. Slice with Cura, control with Repetier host -MAC
  63. Problem Connection Lost
  64. Freedom !!!
  65. Finally arrived and on the last few steps(will keep updated with pics)
  66. Extruder Will Not Heat Up Via Cura
  67. cable management
  68. Printable 3D Objects / Parts for Rapide Lite
  69. First few prints
  70. Your Place in History
  71. Print quality
  72. New Hotend
  73. Grounding Issue
  74. polarity wiring problem?
  75. Nozzle hits the front-left screw of the bed when printing starts
  76. Case for RL200
  77. Bits and bobs (sundries)
  78. Two steps forward, three steps back?
  79. Calibrating the extruder
  80. Filament coming out in blobs
  81. Need opinions anyone else think our fans are wired/configured wrong???
  82. Europeans that have received RL200
  83. Important to check your filament diameter!
  84. Strongest layer height?
  85. Happy New Year Rapid Lite Community!
  86. For anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan ;)
  87. How to: Rewire fan connections on DB9 serial connector(Manufacturer defect)
  88. I made a mess.... I think I need a Rapide lite Firmware to flash
  89. Who's got aluminium case instead of printed case on the extruder?
  90. X end stop sensors not working?
  91. Diagonal pattern / moire on object walls
  92. Marlin Firmware 1.0.1
  93. Repetier Host - Limited bed temperature
  94. Remote/Wireless Printing
  95. Avoid overheating extruder
  96. Pyramid test print @0.2mm
  97. Maximum Printhead Temerature ???
  98. Technical informations
  99. Firmware unresponsive - possible causes
  100. USB Port will not open
  101. Stepper Motor Specs
  102. I can't print - need help
  103. Finally printing
  104. Uneaven heatbed
  105. End Stop to Power Off Printer
  106. Up and running again!
  107. [HELP] Abnormal Printing
  108. Hot End temperature inconsistancy problem
  109. Under extruding / E-step calibration ?
  110. Who is still waiting?
  111. Beware! Bad cables!
  112. Nozzle extrusion obstructed by aluminium chip
  113. Small Feed Hole Defect on Extruder
  114. Getting ready to build
  115. LCD & Dual Extruder pics unleashed!!
  116. Rapide Lite 350 Pics unleashed!
  117. Rapide Lite Firmware settings
  118. Rapide Lite 200 Firmware
  119. Power supply exploded (short circuit)
  120. How do I use .ini files ??
  121. Printer freezing during longer prints
  122. [HOW TO] "Upgrade" your RL 200 board to 1.0.2
  123. Optimal stepper driver current settings?
  124. STL files for fan ducts
  125. What's the fastest speed you have successfully run rapidlite?
  126. Nozzles that fit?
  127. IKEA LEDs to lighten the printbed
  128. Extrusion curling
  129. Bad extrusion?
  130. Print stops after 12 layers ?????
  131. Nylon PCTPE
  132. Autoleveling
  133. Our Hotends are M6 threaded :)
  134. Autopowered fans or what!??! LOL (check video inside! LOL)
  135. RapideCam 1.0 :D
  136. Extruder problems again! Burned driver?
  137. REVIEW: Rapide Lite 200 + AstroPrint = Successful print!
  138. NEW Thingiverse Group for PRINT3Dforum.com!
  139. Guidance on fine tuning extruder
  140. Timelapse Calculator
  141. ...and the Oscar goes to...
  142. Mods I made to the Rapide Lite and why
  143. Print Bed Levelling Issue
  144. Y axis pulley loose on shaft
  145. Print Bed - Heating Issue
  146. Teflon tub isolator
  147. Ambient temperature and PLA
  148. Non-threaded rod
  149. smooth top surface
  150. Heat bed question
  151. Rapide Lite 200 won't power on
  152. Z problem / nozzle stuck touching the print
  153. Control Your Rapide Lite with a tablet
  154. Hardware Spare Parts
  155. "Extrude 20mm" extrudes 25cm !??!
  156. [GUIDE] How to resume an interrupted (abruptly!) 3D Print...
  157. First 3D print
  158. Rapide lite 200 isn't responding anymore
  159. Temperature Issues? Check your connections first!
  160. Easy way to mount the Kapton sheets onto the heat bed
  161. Frame Cannot Fit
  162. Rapide Lite 200 print layers are not aligned
  163. Still getting double extruder?
  164. Housing for my RL200
  165. [GUIDE] LCD Installation
  166. Losing faith and confidence.
  167. Smelly smoke leaked out
  168. Printer stops after ~30+ minutes
  169. Problem with Repetier Host on Windows
  170. New (disgusting) surprise!
  171. Q Extruder Issue
  172. Get rid of all your annoying vibrations.
  173. High electrical charge in the printer
  174. Customizing splash screen on the Full graphics smart controller?
  175. Heater not heating...
  176. ...and my printer died! :(
  177. Webbing Issue
  178. Rapide Lite 200 is stopped while printing and does not respond
  179. Board Swapping
  180. How to clear a Nozzle Jam
  181. Frickin' laser beams? CNC?
  182. My extruder motor is gone?
  183. Anyone have any close up pics of 50 micron resolution on these?
  184. Expanding build size to y=320mm
  185. Update from Ethan (lifted from Indiegogo)
  186. Amount of motors/controllers on the Rapide RumbaHybrid Board?
  187. Who is still waiting for their Rapide Lite 200?
  188. Perk: "Stick Me" and "Materialize Me Beginner" not received
  189. Dead USB connection on Rapide Lite Board vs RUMBA board YT video
  190. Would you recommend the rapide lite?
  191. Great little bed and Z-Bar calibration gauge
  192. [GUIDE] How to swap your Rapide Board with a RUMBA Board (WIP)
  193. Software Poll
  194. Heated Bed Failure
  195. OK you're gonna kill me... (stringy filament on temps below recommended)
  196. Picture Diagnose: what has gone wrong here?!?!
  197. Did I cause the printer to stop?
  198. Problem with extruder heating
  199. Help Request! Can anyone generate GCode for this .STL using Simplify 3D?
  200. Just changed my bed out.
  201. So what is the max printable size in Rapide Lite 200?
  202. QUICK QUESTION! (I hope!) Do any of your printer (inside case) fans speed up?
  203. Now for the f&(()/ยท&*!"( question of the month!
  204. Configuring print quality
  205. Rapide Lite Spool Holder
  206. Filament Wiper
  207. how does everyone calibrate their Z-Axis end stop?
  208. LED-SpotLight for Nozzle
  209. Rapide Lite 350
  210. Damn heater malfunction :(
  211. Nozzle Flow
  212. 1GHz Cortex A8 board on Indiegogo
  213. Redesigned Extruder case makes life so much easier
  214. Unibody Extruder on the way!
  215. Rapide Lite vs Competitors
  216. Multi color printing
  217. Bouncy bed...
  218. What's your most used layer height when printing with the Rapide Lite?
  219. Extruder Wire Failure
  220. Auto Leveling bed
  221. Help with parts
  222. Help getting printer connected to computer
  223. Anodizing aluminum frame
  224. A better Z-Bar adjustment end stop part :)
  225. Borosilicate Glass - plate still flat?
  226. Let's help Rapide's Thunderclap!
  227. MacBook Air connection
  228. X position limited by alum extruder case hitting frame
  229. Heat Bed Problems
  230. Fisrt major print
  231. Glutton For Punishment
  232. X Wing Slider
  233. Nylon? CF re-inforced?
  234. Brim difference from Cura and Repetier (hard to remove)
  235. Head V3 -> V4
  236. Heat Bed Not Recognized?
  237. round objects skewed out of round
  238. New threaded hot end sensor works like a charm :)
  239. CAD drawing of RL Extruder
  240. Extruder Jam
  241. Impressive results with the new Xslider and v3 QExtruder from Rapide
  242. z-axis calibration blocks
  243. Rapide Lite Perk Upgrade Comparison Chart
  244. More printer (USB ATmega16u2) madness!!
  245. Rapide Lite 500
  246. Replacement nozzle/heatblock/throat sizing?
  247. Rapide Lite 200 for sale in Marketplace !!
  248. Are you interested in have a custom x-wing slider made?
  249. Extruder Case STL
  250. printer keeps randomly disconnecting.