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01-12-2018, 07:28 PM
Still just playing around with what works good and what does not.

Printed a large peace that just passed through the center of the build plate, it was clear just watching the raft go down that the center was going to be distorted. And sure enough it was, the center was worse, but you can see the distortion was about a half inch diameter around the center.

Has anyone else seen this? I have not yet contacted the Sculpto team about this, I am sure they still have their hands full shipping units out.

01-15-2018, 09:28 AM
I think shipping was almost complete, and I also think they're aware of the center issues, but the more pressure we put on them the better hah

01-19-2018, 04:50 PM
Face palm moment.

I contacted the Sculpto team and they replied very quickly.

“calibrate the Y-axis”

Not sure why I didnt think of that, had to do it twice, just to make sure and sure enough my large print went off very smooth in the middle, no hole

06-09-2021, 09:00 PM
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07-08-2022, 04:59 AM
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12-01-2022, 07:29 AM
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12-19-2022, 04:00 PM
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12-20-2022, 09:10 AM
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