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01-02-2015, 04:31 AM
I decided to take the leap and buy Simplify3D. It did not have a profile for RapidLite so I manually entered the printing parameters according to what I was using on Cura. It is a very powerful slicer with many nice features but I'm not sure its worth the high price. I really like the live update feature that graphically displays your print being made.

It does work with the RapidLite if anyone was interested in buying it.

01-02-2015, 09:19 AM
Hi synthius

What platform are you using PC or MAC

Its seems like a good App was just reading this review

Does seem to do a lot more than Cura or Repetier


01-02-2015, 10:07 AM
Looks interesting but $140 is a lot when compared to what we paid for our RL200's.
Strange to compare it only with Makerbot software.

p.s. please keep us updated with your thoughts and comparisons :cool:

01-02-2015, 01:50 PM
Repetier also displays live update of whats being printed.

What does it do vs Repetier that it is better then?

Faster slicing?

01-05-2015, 04:53 PM
Been playing around with Simplify3D

I like it its way faster Slic3r by along way It allows repairing of models you can create models from images

It a good program with lots of extra's and Very User friendly.

I can see why they bundle it with other printers I combines 3 Apps in 1

Except for the 140$ its a great app I understand why you brought it

synthius have you printed any thing with it yet would be interested in the results


RE the review its the only one I found with a quick search :cool:

01-05-2015, 05:30 PM
I have printed many things already.
It is harder to configure the settings because there is a lot more to set and there isn't information for our printer details.
But I am happier to use it than Cura.

01-06-2015, 06:21 AM
If any one gets the setting right can they post the configuration & any one using this on Osx

thanks & cheers :o

Just Adding all the Simplify3D Tutorials as a PDF for everyone -