View Full Version : 3D Print Your Own Filament Counter and Stay On Top of Future Print Jobs

01-19-2015, 03:38 PM

(http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:626077/zip)Kyle Gagnon

I designed a filament counter to display the number of meters of filament used. (it displays the 1/10'ths place, hence the white-out decimal point)
It utilizes the core of a Veeder-Root 742946-201 non-resetable rotary counter.
I doubt you would be able to find another one of these out there in the wild, and the nearest sibling costs $100+, so I will work on a printable counter eventually. Maybe someone else will get to it before me, who knows.
that utilizes a $4 electromechanical counter available on ebay, and utilizes a 5v pulse signal.
The counter is en-route to me from china, so it might take a bit to get working on it.
If you happen to have a compatible counter, great!
You need 1 of each part.
The orientation might be weird when importing the STL files, but just use your head.
I designed the "baseplate" in such a way that it could be mounted easily to other printers with the design of a custom mounting bracket.
This one comes with a simple zip-tie bracket for the aluminum handle of a Printrbot simple metal
This requires some rubber bands, bolts, and hole reaming to finish. I used 1/4 inch shoulder bolts that I had lying around.
You also need to cut and glue a rubber band around the counter gear.
Mine has been silently counting along flawlessly since I first printed it!

Print It! (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:626077/zip)