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01-20-2015, 12:10 AM
For christmas i got a Marshall Stanmore Speaker. At home we have it connected to a iPad Mini and i decided to make a nice stand that can be mounted securely on top.

This model was printed in Laywoo-D3 with 0.1mm layerheight through a 0.5mm nozzle at 220 degrees on a Rapide Lite 200.

When the three part was printed, they were sanded with 4 different grits and oiled to give them some color. The look and feel of the model turned out amazingly well. Even when up close you cant really grasp the difference on the sanded surfaces.

As a test i also wanted to see how well i could use wood glue on Laywoo-D3. You sure can - but on this model i decided to take a small screw to secure it to the wooden frame beneath the leathery surface of the speaker.
Overall this was a really fun project! Hope you enjoy :)


01-20-2015, 03:03 AM
Woah! Speechless! Definetly wood filament is my next try!

Where did u get it and how much? ;)

01-20-2015, 09:13 AM
We have a reseller of filaments here in sweden - they'r called 3DPrima.se.
Here's a link for the filament:

But ofcourse - they're just a reseller of LayWoo-3D :)

01-21-2015, 09:04 AM
It's.simply.GREAT! :)

01-21-2015, 08:11 PM
Wow, definitely on the wishlist.

01-21-2015, 08:18 PM
Just ordered some! :D