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02-02-2015, 06:36 PM
What opinion on this do the Pi users have?

http://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-2-on-sale/ (http://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-2-on-sale/)

02-02-2015, 08:16 PM
I have contacted Astroprint team about the P2 and their software compatibility.

They answered me :
We're not compatible yet because they upgrades their chipset.
However we're ordering one today and getting on porting the AstroBox software over.

That's a good news.

02-03-2015, 09:29 AM
Wow, nice news, 900Mhz and 1Gb RAM...wow.

02-07-2015, 01:05 AM
I was literally minutes away from ordering my B+ on Amazon when i discovered the PI 2 was released. The only downside is that it isn't available on Amazon yet. I did already purchase a case.

Edit... When I purchased the case on Wednesday it was $14

02-07-2015, 02:15 PM
Yeah there are so many flavours of cases for the B+/2...

Amazingly they include Windows 10 with it, quad core, wow!

02-13-2015, 11:57 PM
Very good news, Astroprint has released a new version the 9th of february which is compatible Pi2

I look forward to receive mine to test it

02-14-2015, 04:08 PM
I'll report back, I have one coming in a week...

02-14-2015, 05:37 PM
Mine in 2 weeks... this can be THE revolution, just when I read on their site an upgrade to B+ was unlikely... now boom! quad core 1Gb RAM! Yeeha!