View Full Version : Sindoh Filament EEPROM chip hack? Willing to pay...

03-12-2020, 09:01 AM
Hi All

I have a Sindoh 3dWox DP200. Works great but would like the ability to hack the EEPROM chip. Anyone able to do this? Or has done this?
Willing to pay...

05-06-2020, 06:50 PM
Have you tried anything yet? I want to buy the Sindoh printer... just waiting for it to be in stock again. I had a look at the cartridge in the shop and it seems that there is really not much to it - just a PCB with only the EEPROM on it. It would be easy to clone that PCB, read out the EEPROM and make copies. It would be nice though to know how to interpret the data on the chip and make our own configurations. If Sindoh hasn't taken any measures to obfuscate the system, it should be possible to figure out the essential printing parameters and change them. But if they deliberately want to prevent people from doing that, it could be impossible... for example, if they use encryption, or if the filament spools have some kind of serial number and the printer itself also tracks how much of it has been used, then it could even be pointless to copy a chip. What do you want to achieve?