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03-02-2015, 07:32 PM
Rapide has a new campaign on Indiegogo for the 200XL

Check it out here! (http://igg.me/at/rapide-lite-200XL/x/8784579)



The worlds first Desktop Plus 3D Printer that gives you a massive 16,000cm3 of usable build space.


The Rapide Lite 200XL - Desktop Plus

Meet Rapide Lite 200XL - the world's first commercial quality 400mm desktop 3D Printer, brought to you by Rapide 3D, the team that created the original Rapide Lite 200 with X Wing Technology.

http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/rapide-lite-indiegog-200XL_05.jpg http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/rapide-lite-indiegog-200XL_06.jpg
Rapide Lite 200XL – What The Experts And Users Are Saying:

Rapide Lite 200XL is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux and uses free to own open source software. Rapide Lite 200XL will be built from a block of solid aircraft grade aluminum and feature industry leading technology like an ARM 32 bit control board, a 2.8” LCD touch screen interface and a 214 x 214mm Aluminum Heated Bed.

Rapide Lite 200XL is a power house of printer precision with USB connection or stand alone SD Card printing (4GB SD Card included).

http://asox9.com/images/temp/getyoursnow.png (http://www.print3dforum.com/igg.me/at/rapide-lite-200XL/x/8784579)

The Build Size – a massive 16,000cm3, allowing you to print objects up to 400mm tall right on your desktop!

The Build Platform – Aluminum Heated Bed made from 3mm machined aluminum PCB (214 x 214mm). Optional Bolsitate Glass bed.

The Control Board – ARM 32 bit technology that allows you to print beyond your wildest imagination.

The Control Interface – 2.8” Full Color LCD Touch Screen control interface which allows complete stand alone printing at the touch of the screen.

The Resolution – our very own Q Extruder matched to our X Wing Technology that delivers up to 50 micron resolution and speeds of up to 150mm per second!*

Simply put, Rapide Lite 200XL - Desktop Plus is the new standard for commercial quality desktop printing and offers an industry leading 400mm of build height.

Why the Rapide Lite 200XL

Rapide Lite 200XL - Desktop Plus is a must-have for any 3D Printer user who requires build heights that other printers cannot offer on the desktop. The design suits office, home or school and it's small foot print (367mm x 367mm) makes it perfect for the desktop.

How the Rapide Lite 200XL works

Rapide Lite 200XL - Desktop Plus is an FDM 3D Printer that has been designed to work with all open source 3D Printer software and is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux. Ideal if you want a desktop 3D Printer that is lightweight, fully featured and offers a large build height. Simple, practical, beautiful.

For high-quality performance, Rapide Lite 200XL has a ARM 32 bit control board.

http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/rapide-lite-indiegog-200XL_08.jpg http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/rapide-lite-indiegog-200XL_09.jpg

• Mac, PC and Linux.
• All open source software.
• SD Card Stand Alone or USB connected.
• ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPPS, Nylon, PVC, Laywood.
Our Perks...

A summary of our perks is listed below. For more information, please refer to the perks on the right-hand side of our page.

Nozzle Me
.3, .4 and .5 Nozzles + Nozzle Removal Tool

Cradle Me
Custom Material Cradle to hold 1 x 1kg Spool

Q Extruder – The Single Version
Additional Single Extruder

Q Extruder – The Dual Version
Dual Extruder and cable assembly

Super Early Bird - Rapide Lite 200XL
Rapide Lite 200XL + ARM 32 Bit Control Board + 2.8” Touch Screen + 2 x 300g PLA + Cradle Me + Shipping (via air)

Early Bird - Rapide Lite 200XL
Rapide Lite 200XL + ARM 32 Bit Control Board + 2.8” Touch Screen + 2 x 300g PLA + Cradle Me + Shipping (via air)

Rapide Lite 200XL - Pre Retail
Rapide Lite 200XL + ARM 32 Bit Control Board + 2.8” Touch Screen + 2 x 300g PLA + Cradle Me + Shipping (via air)

Rapide 3D Experience
Limited Edition Rapide Lite 200XL + 2 days Training at the Factory + 2 nights accommodation and meals provided. Air Fares Not Included.

Rapide Lite 350
Rapide Lite 350 + ARM 32 Bit Control Board + 3.5” Touch Screen + Dual Extruder + 2 x 300g PLA + 2 x Cradle Me + Shipping (via sea)

Rapide Lite 500
Rapide Lite 500 + ARM 32 Bit Control Board + 3.5” Touch Screen + Dual Extruder + 2 x 300g PLA + 2 x Cradle Me + Shipping (via sea)

Rapide Lite 200XL Dealer Starter Kit
10 x Rapide Lite 200XL + 10 x 2.8” Touch Screen + 10 x 1kg Material + 10 x Cradle Me + 10 x Nozzle Me + Shipping (via sea)

Where it began…

From a simple sketch, Ethan started work on what would become the first Rapide Lite model, a robust, commercial grade 3D Printer that was affordable and built for the masses.

The original, Rapide Lite was designed for the consumer market and released as Rapide Lite 200 in August 2014, it was an instant hit with design enthusiasts and maker fans around the world. Over 1000 Rapide Lite 200’s have been produced in the last 3 months alone.

Since the successful release of Rapide Lite 200, Ethan and the team have been constantly listening to our user base evaluating and re-thinking how to expand and make the Rapide Lite range of printers more robust, higher resolution and more user friendly.

Rapide Lite 200XL is the result...


http://asox9.com/images/temp/getyoursnow.png (http://igg.me/at/rapide-lite-200XL/x/8784579)

What we need...

We have the design of Rapide Lite 200XL completed, the electronics certified, manufacturing in place and ready to go. Now we need to create some tooling for the ARM 32 Bit control board and start production.

We hope to do this with your help. In exchange, we are offering outstanding perks with even more outstanding discounts on the retail pricing.

As a start-up, we feel a real affinity with other new innovators - this is why we want to use this opportunity to get our product to other businesses that can use it as part of their design and development process in the future.

Our Stretch Goals

We have some awesome stretch goals to match our commitment to our contributors and because we are the manufacturer we know what we need to ensure these rewards are possible so the more you support us the more we can reward you.

Risks & Challenges...

We have our own factory in Shenzhen, China and are now one of the leading manufacturers of 3D Printers in the world. We have already successfully produced three models of the Rapide Lite family and delivered to deadline, so we are confident that manufacturing risk is at a minimum.

We are very aware of the challenges involved in delivery, so we hope our experience in delivering Rapide Lite 200 will help us to make sure that your perks arrive on time and in mint condition with this campaign.
What you'll get...

Rapide Lite 200XL will be available in two versions: either as a kit or semi assembled model. Both will include ARM 32 bit control board and 2.8” touch screen, and all will be in silver. If all goes well, and if our crowd funding target goes up, we hope to be able to introduce some exciting additional features. So watch this space for more news!

We appreciate your support - let's make this happen together!

Our Team



Who is Rapide 3D?

The Rapide 3D team is a dedicated team of Australian & Chinese designers and engineers who believe in bringing the best technology to the world sooner rather than later. We have offices in Perth, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou and our own production facility in Shenzhen, China where the design and development of Rapide 3D will be headquartered.

What is Rapide Lite?

Rapide Lite is the future of Desktop 3D Printing and is as affordable as it is functional. Rapide Lite brings together advanced design and technology that will put rapid prototyping in the hands of many faster and cheaper than possible before.

What makes this campaign unique?

We do this for a living, we design, develop and work to create stunning machines that defy the norm, produce parts that exceed expectation and in the process create opportunities beyond just a machine on a desk.

How Does Rapide Lite Work?

Rapide Lite is essentially a rapid prototyping 3D Printer which uses FDM technology to produce 3D print designs from any .stl file. Rapide Lite can print using Mac, PC or Linux. Using our own X Wing Design Rapide Lite performs way above the level expected of an affordable Desktop 3D Printer. You can also use Rapide Lite stand alone through the LCD Touch Screen / SD Card Interface.
http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/rapide-lite-indiegog-200XL_12.jpg (http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/comparison_chart.jpg)

Where Will Rapide Lite Be Produced?

Rapide Lite will be produced in our own production facility in Shenzhen, China. We have already produced over 1000 Rapide Lite 200’s and are well versed in the complexities of production at this level. All development and the production of Rapide 3D Printers, Scanners and other cool products used in 3D design and production will be done at this location.

Why Trust Rapide 3D?
Rapide 3D has more than a decade of experience with design and development of advanced technology. We have worked with technological integration and development with our partners in China and around the world and are at the cutting edge of 3D Printing technology and design.

We have completed the first 1000 Rapide Lite 200’s and successfully delivered more than 500 printers to our contributors from the Rapide Lite 200 campaign over the past 3 months. We now see expanding our range as a necessary step for continued growth of our company.

We have the ability to offer a 3D Printer’s that are functional, flexible and beautiful at an affordable price.

The key advantage of contributing to this campaign is you are dealing direct with the manufacturer of the product and a campaign with a proven track record for completion and fulfillment. We designed Rapide Lite and will build Rapide Lite in our own factory, there are no 3rd Parties involved which means we can offer Rapide Lite at substantial savings to our foundation contributors.

When Will My Rapide Lite 200XL Arrive?

We are already in full manufacturing for Rapide Lite 200 & 350 and have the capacity to produce 100 printers per day. Scaling production to include Rapide Lite 200XL requires very little change and we see no obstacles to complete this change.

We feel comfortable targeting mid – end April 2015 for the first full batch of Rapide Lite 200XL shipments for our Early Birds contributors, and May - June for other contributors.

At this stage we have a target production of 500 units for the first month and 1000 units per month there after with a total factory production target of 3000 per month across our model range.

How Big Is Radipe Lite 200XL?

Rapide Lite 200XL is 367 x 367 x 650mm which gives it the smallest foot print of any large build volume 3D Printers in the world. Rapide Lite 200XL weighs 13.5kg

http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/rapide-lite-indiegog-200XL_13.jpg (http://i-rapide-3d.com/rapide-lite-Indiegogo/images/how_big_the_size.jpg)

What Are The Technical Specifications of Radipe Lite 200XL?

The full technical specifications for Rapide Lite 200XL can be found here


What Is The Retail Price of Rapide Lite 200XL?

We have set our retail price at $2499 for Rapide Lite 200XL with single extruder. Our Indiegogo supporters are definitely receiving special treatment for believing in what we do!

What Filament Does Rapide 3D Recommend?

We have worked closely with Polymakr to optimize Rapide Lite 200XL to work at its best with their excellent range of filament. We will include with all printers 2 x 300g spools of filament, PloyPlus PLA and PolyMax PLA which is are both excellent materials.
Who Are Ploymakr?

Polymakr is an international team that focuses on developing new materials for 3D printing. Their goal is to continuously provide the 3D printing community with the best and the most innovative printing materials in the marketplace.

The Polymakr team has a diverse spectrum of expertise and experience, and all have one thing in common: they are all passionate about 3D printing and believe in its world-changing potential. They want to be part of the 3D printing revolution and make our own contributions.

Rapide 3D has chosen to partner with Polymakr because we believe they offer the best quality material at an affordable pricing to match our range of 3D Printers.

What Is The Build Speed? Will The Printer and Parts Last?

Rapide Lite 200XL offers print speeds of up to 150mm per second and the build speed is comparable to other high resolution printers. It does vary depending on the type of print. A typical printing rate is around 30mm of height per hour. However, we are designing Rapide Lite 200XL to be a serious workhorse.

Rapide Lite 200XL has less moving parts than many high resolution printers, and we have been running the prototypes in our office pretty much all day, every day during months of development.


How Many Parts Can I Print With 1kg of Material?

Depending on your printing output and part size, 1kg of material can go a long way. Our large vase, for example, which is 380mm high and has a circumference of 190mm uses 249gms. You could theoretically print 4 vases with 1kg of material making the production cost less than $7.50 each!
What Are The Material Properties of The Filament?

Our materials are made from bio materials which is good fro the environment and good for you. We have worked tireless to fine producers of filament who develop consistent quality with the key focus on strength and durability.

Does Our Filament Need to Be Handled Carefully?

Our filament is safe to handle and will not produce any dangerous fumes when printing.

Can You Use Third Party Materials / Filament With Rapide Lite 200XL?

Rapide 3D has a very simple and open policy with our products, we build them for the masses to ensure they have the choice on how they print, where they print and what they print. We encourage our users to use any filament they feel is suitable for their needs and do not require our printers are used with our filament or that of a 3rd party we recommend.

What Is The Build Speed? Will The Printer and Parts Last?

Rapide Lite 200XL offers print speeds of up to 150mm per second and the build speed is comparable to other high resolution printers. It does vary depending on the type of print. A typical printing rate is around 30mm of height per hour. However, we are designing Rapide Lite 200XL to be a serious workhorse.

Rapide Lite 200XL has less moving parts than many high resolution printers, and we have been running the prototypes in our office pretty much all day, every day during months of development.

Will Rapide 3D Offer a Warranty or Support?

Rapide Lite 200XL will come with a 3 month limited warranty out of the box. At this stage support will be a big priority and we will be offering support via email initially with the intention to expand this to live chat with remote access capabilities in the future.

However, this will be dependent on reaching our funding goal for this feature as it will be costly to offer this level of support. We know it’s very important and are working on it as a high priority. We’ll guarantee that you receive a working printer, and are planning to take extra special care of those of you who have supported us from the beginning.

Do You Have Plans To Make a Bigger Printer?

The Rapide Lite Family includes the 200, 200XL, 350 and 500 model printers. We have designed Rapide Lite to be scalable and to incorporate a dual extruder in the future. We also have a very exciting vision for the future, which will include a printer that can print both sugar and chocolate!

What Is The Cost Of Shipping?

Shipping prices vary by location and country. If you live in one of the countries listed below shipping is free. If your country is not listed we will be happy to let you know what additional shipping is required for you if you contribute to the campaign.

People living in countries outside our free list will be very aware of the cost of international shipping to their country already so it will not come as a surprise shipping is not free in their case.

What countries get free shipping?

Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, UK, Ireland, Spain and Greece.

I Have More Questions. Who Do I Ask?

email us at lite@rapide-3d.com


http://asox9.com/images/temp/getyoursnow.png (http://igg.me/at/rapide-lite-200XL/x/8784579)