View Full Version : New 3 Filament Extruder for ANY 1.75mm 3D Printer in the works!

03-10-2015, 07:15 PM
Seems someone may hit another score in 3D Printing soon:

"We are currently working on a new type of nozzle that will make it easy to print in 3 colors and what better test object is there then the Marvin ;)

We are still in the development phase and there is still some way to go with software and firmware but the hardware works.


Q. Would your nozzle be designed to be mounted on "any" printer or is it targeted to work with a specific one ?

A. Yes it is designed to be mounted on any 1.75mm filament printer, depending on the size of the printer of course.

The printer electronics must be able to handle 3 extruders.
We use the RUMBA board in our development.
There will be a basic mechanical mounting fixture on the hotend/nozzle and then it'll be up to people them selfe to make the proper mounting bracket/adapter to their individual printer.
But we do hope that people are willing to shear their mounting bracket/adapter STL files in order to make it easier for others.
We are planning on doing a Kickstarter campaign in the next months in order to put it into production, so keep an eye out for that ;)"