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01-04-2021, 05:30 PM

I’m currently working on a mobile iOS scanner app for makers and engineers with a high precision and accuracy. I think this project can be useful for many people and I would love to have some insights. The use case I’m thinking are for example spare parts replication or where you can engineer a new air box for your engine to fit, a real engineering tool, where you can place scale bars in the scan region to get accuracy.

I wanted to ask if anyone has made some good or bad experiences with mobile scanner apps? Do you use the more expensive laser or lira hardware scanners? Or do you prefer to build all your models you print from scratch?

I would really appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

Max Funkner
01-11-2021, 10:44 AM
Hi Herndl,
I am a big fan of 3D scanning (https://3dwithus.com/3d-scanning), tried a few applications and and we published several blogs on the subject.
With the new iPhone LiDAR 3D scanning system (https://3dwithus.com/lidar-3d-apps-laser-scanning-with-smartphone-iphone) now available, it is a hot topic. Good luck with your project!
Check The Best 3D Scanning Apps (https://3dwithus.com/3d-photo-app-iphone-ios-android-3d-scanning) blog together with YouTube videos by Andrew Sink. As a 3D printing enthusiast he tested 4 iOS/Android scanner apps. Personally, I still use photogrammetry to get 3D scans and then 3D models. Here is my big collection of 3D scanned tree trunks (https://3dwithus.com/3d-scanned-tree-texture-ideas-for-3d-printing)


What I respect in photogrammetry (https://3dwithus.com/photoscan-mobile-phone-camera-photogrammetry) is the convenience. I take the pictures when I can and process them later. I think iOS/Android 3D scanning apps should have this particular feature. But it can a be very bulky (in a storage sense) business.