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01-31-2021, 08:45 PM
Hi i have recently bought a cubepro duo, and its like new but came with no software !!! im a complete novice i have my cad software but nothing to slice it! can anyone help me with a link as to where i can find it??? everything i have found doesn't exist anymore, thank you

02-02-2021, 04:05 AM
Hey FordyA42 - welcome to the forum. You came to the right place. I just learned the drop site has been discontinued. I know people have backups. Anyone care to shout out here so we can restore all the original S3 server?

I have copied the core 3 files you want here:


02-04-2021, 09:12 AM
Thanks for the reply I emailed the kind people at 3d systems and they sent me this link https://www.3dsystems.com/support/cubify

This is a link to all the software and user manuals and more in all languages free to download, I am now up and running

02-05-2021, 04:30 AM
Thank you for that!