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Stylish & Upgradeable 3D Printing for All


http://res.cloudinary.com/indiegogo-media-prod-cld/image/upload/c_limit,w_620/v1430762083/muacouayixfjmdlpliar.jpg (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)

A True Desktop Printer

We started this journey out of a passion for prototyping and purchased a couple lower-end printers for “beginners” to bring our ideas to life. The printers were fairly easy to set up, but the print quality was poor and the interface simplistic, but not easy. Then we bought a couple of the high-end machines - and when perfectly set up, they print well. But the set-up took way more time than we had expected -it was too technical and the interface too convoluted. And then there was the cost….
So we had to ask: why aren’t there any mid-range printers that are affordable, easy-to-use, and have excellent print-quality?
This is why we created NEA - an elegant, modular, and upgradeable 3D Printer that is made to last...and is not a $200 gimmick.

http://res.cloudinary.com/indiegogo-media-prod-cld/image/upload/c_limit,w_620/v1430761716/kg9ahujbinrfiuvlfqaa.jpg (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)



6 x 6 x 7 inch | 15 x 15 x 17 cm Build Vol.

Simple, Beautiful and Efficient. Perfect for both the Pro and the Beginner who want Pro-level quality at an exceptional price.
Live your life, 3D Printing just got easier!
Enjoy the smallest form factor with the biggest print volume right out of the box! Don’t let its small stature fool you - the PRO MINI is built lean and mean with all the features and hardware of the Pro model. If you have room for a lamp you have room for a NEA. Incl. 1 lb roll of filament.https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)


10 x 10 x 11 inch | 25.5 x 25.5 x 28 cm Build Vol.

Built for the 3D Enthusiast, huge printing volume with desktop real estate to spare.
The one stop shop for 3D printing power users.
Our flagship model that packs a huge print volume at a price that will never be offered again! The PRO comes standard with fully-loaded, high-end features you would expect from a printer in this class, but at a value that defies expectations. Print LARGE without breaking the bank. Includes 1 lb roll of filament.
https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432623/files/20150501090712-BUY.png?1430496432 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)


14 x 14 x 15 inch | 35.5 x 35.5 x 38 cm Build Vol.

Made for the Master Builder. Print Large and Print High with this beast!
Flex your builder's muscles.
A beauty and a beast for the maker that knows no bounds. Experience printing and freedom with zero compromises. The PRO PLUS boasts the best footprint-to-build volume ratio in any class, with the ability to print high and wide. Vibration dampening technology allows for larger builds while retaining overall accuracy. Includes 1 lb roll of filament.
https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432631/files/20150501090901-BUY.png?1430496541 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)

Still can't decide? This video will help!



NEA uses a technology called "Fused Filament Fabrication" or "FFF". This may be compared to a super small glue gun that carefully pushes or "extrudes" melted filament made of plastics, like PLA or ABS, out the hot end. The plastic is printed layer-by-layer in predefined cross sections which cool and harden almost instantly.


With each iteration of our prototype stages, NEA 3D printers have improved overall print quality. Early on, we were excited just to get something printed, but since then our focus has been on reaching the perfect balance between accuracy, speed, reliability and repeatability. Maintaining a standard of quality can only be achieved by acquiring and designing the most precise components with the entire printer in mind. We use a combination of small incremental stepper motors with custom slider blocks to handle all axis of movement; combined with our rigid build quality and Vibration Dampening Tech® and you get world class prints!





https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)


NEA is super space-conservative with the best footprint-to-build-volume ratio in each class. Print more, take up less desk space. The only place we cut corners is the corners. Don't be square!


NEA is so space efficient because of our "gantry" or "print axis mechanics". Most printers waste a lot of space by moving their print heads up, down and around an immobile print bed. NEA is different because our print bed actually moves back and forth on the Y axis, while the print head moves left and right as it climbs upwards on the Z axis. This means there is no wasted space around the outside of the print bed. Our design is the only cylindrical shaped FFF 3D printer on the market - which just happens to look pretty awesome!


Ever heard the saying "Round is Sound"? Compared to conventional box shaped printers that keep the vibrations inside the printer, NEA's cylindrical metal uni-body has no weak spots and reduces pesky vibrations by dissipating in an outward direction. As a result you will gain far greater longevity on your printer components.



3D printing is evolving very quickly. That's why we made NEA modular. Future upgrades and maintenance are done in a snap. We have a ton of cool upgrades coming - like multi-color, multi-head, and even full colour printing. Expect us to tackle higher print speeds and multi-mediums as well. Gone are the days of buying a brand new printer every time a new feature comes along. Your investment in NEA won’t leave you behind!


NEA's Extruder Head, Drop & Lock Shelf and Core Drawer are removable - without tools! This is very important if you plan on keeping your printer for more than a year. If any mechanical or electrical component on your NEA were to break or malfunction, just pop it off and send it back. As soon as you receive your replacement module, snap it right back on and away you go. No need to return the entire printer and wait and wait and…...


Extruder Head - This is where the magic happens: it contains the gears that push the filament into the hot end. The tip melts the filament and brings your creations to life!
Drop & Lock Shelf - No, this is not a dance move. It’s a shelf that holds the motor that slides the Extruder Head along the X-axis, AND, at the same time, moving itself up and down along the Y-axis and controlling the Cool Spool elevator. Core Drawer - When NEA is powered down the Core Drawer allows you to view, clean, maintain and even upgrade the electronic components in a snap. Think of it like a fully removable sock drawer full of robot brains. Not to mention the PRO and PRO+ models come with a robust 450 watt. A power supply this stable can power NEA with ease, and run future upgrades that require more juice.
Cool Spool - We love this! The Cool Spool is our custom designed filament cartridge. It wrangles the filament to remove potential twisting and breakage. The best part about the Cool Spool is that it automatically lifts, allowing for the additional 2 inches in the Z-axis once the Drop & Lock Shelf reaches it’s vertical limit.


All of these features were designed to be easy to use. But if you still need more help, check out our online community, NEATSTUFF, for step-by-step video instructions. Scroll down to learn more about NEATSTUFF.

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)



NEATSTUFF is the official community of NEA 3D. It comes with tons of useful content and relevant 3D collections that can be downloaded, printed and used right away. NEATSTUFF is much more than a 3D asset bank - it’s a place where users at any level can learn more about 3D in general. Most 3D content sites focus on showcasing artists who have had years of experience in the field; and while NEATSTUFF will do the same, those same artists can use our platform to mentor newcomers as well! Beginners will feel right at home downloading the free and purchasable models; learning the basics through tutorials; creating their own projects and subscribing to others. Experts will participate in a Ranking and Rewards program that adds incentives to contributors and advisors who create tutorials; upload models for others to download; unlock perks; and have the immediate ability to sell their items in the market place. NEATSTUFF will launch Phase 1 at CE week in NY City, with a more robust version just before the Printers are shipped.



The learning curve for 3D software can be a steep one. This is why NEA has partnered up with Playfight VFX, a visual effects company that brings years of 3D content experience from their work in high end feature films, television and web. They will be providing premium 3D content for download and free tutorials on how to model - helping prepare the novice, intermediate and even advanced users making the jump to 3D printing and other 3D mediums. Neatstuff will be there to guide you through the steps of turning your digital creations into something you can hold in your hands !


Here are just a few NEA prints you may have seen in the video.

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1429640/files/20150430104538-3d_models_2.png?1430415938https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1429643/files/20150430104602-3d_models_5.png?1430415962 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)

A special thanks goes to the talented people who designed these objects.

Spiral Vase (modified) - be3D_printers
Juicer - Thav
Origamix Rabbit - Mirice
Bracelet - Danielle Delagdo
Tree Frog - Morena Protti
Robot - Make (makezine.com)
Fender Guitar Knobs - Patrick Wiatt
Eiffel Tower - Michael Joyce

(https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)


Our Goal is to make 3D printing more accessible and friendly. That's why NEA is a high performance machine for all experience levels. Key features like Self-Leveling Bed, Open Source software and Non-proprietary filament means NEA is easy to set up the way you want it.

Self-Leveling Bed - Manually leveling a print bed can be a real pain. Not only is it often a complicated and time consuming process, but, if done wrong, will have compounding negative effects on your prints. NEA automatically self-levels every time you print. It can't get any easier!

Open Source software - Software for a 3D printer is kind of like an operating system for your phone or computer. If you are used to a specific one, its hard to use others. This is why we made NEA compatible with most 3rd party and open source software applications.

Non-proprietary filament - NEA 3D filament is a high grade PLA and offered at an awesome price. We've carefully selected high quality filaments which work especially well with NEA printers. But feel free to use other brands’ 1.75mm filaments with NEA (and use our filament with other printers too!). We have filaments ranging from basic PLA and ABS plastics, to Nylon, Carbon Fibre and metalized plastic hybrids. NEA will be offering upgrades to higher temperature hot ends to facilitate the use of the more exotic filaments.


Out of the box NEA is ready to go! Simply plug it in, follow the simple instructions and you will be printing in minutes -it’s that easy. Our goal is to make the best experience possible. That’s why NEA's software comes with video tutorials to guide you every step of the way.


Software is the key to creating successful 3D prints. It takes years and countless revisions to create "usable" software, but we wanted NEA's software to be fantastic right out of the box. So we teamed up with one of the best names is 3D printing software, Repetier. Their extremely refined software has been in development for years and has features like no other. NEA will come ready to print with a customized version - specific to your model, so no setup will be required.


Here are some of the many features offered with the NEA Repetier software.

Easy and intuitive to Learn.
Multi-extruder Support for future innovations. *Hint Hint
NEA added self-levelling
Supports several slicers for best printing results.
Preview resulting print with selectable layer ranges.
Live preview of printer action and temperature curves.
Send push messages on status changes using phone app.
Windows, Linux or Mac OS X compatible.
Integrated NEA Specific Tutorials and Help + UI upgrades
Slice with CuraEngine or Slic3r.
Alternatively integrates Skeinforge as second slicer.
STL composer - place, rotate and scale your STL files on your print bed and store or slice it.

There are so many great features here, but if you are more comfortable with other open source or 3rd party software packages, NEA 3D printers are willing and able! Below is a list of known of compatible software packages that will work with your NEA printer.

Autodesk Spark

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)



https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)


After our reveal at CES in Las Vegas last January, NEA's campaign was set to launch in early February 2015. However, an amazing week at the show with industry reps and makers from the global community made us realize NEA still needed some improvements. We are not going to be a perpetual-start up company with a one-off product. We want to make an experience that will revolutionize the 3D world.







For every NEA PRO and PRO PLUS sold during our Indiegogo campaign, we are donating $25 and $30 respectively, to the Enable Community Foundation (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/www.enablingthefuture.org). This remarkable organization supports volunteers using 3D printers to make life-changing prosthetics for children from around the world - for free!

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1406435/files/20150422110333-playfight_logo.png?1429725813 https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1406448/files/20150422110616-home_14.jpg?1429725976

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1406410/files/20150422105443-rj_logo.png?1429725283 https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1406456/files/20150422110958-peko.png?1429726198

NEA would not have been possible without the help and support we've received along our journey. We are incredibly grateful for all the advice, guidance and kind words. Here is just a small list in no particular order.
Freddie Wong, Rocketjump, Reverso Manufacturing, Peko Precision, Zero11Zero, Michael Page, Lindsey Sterling, Zachery Levi, Mohawk College, Center for Social Innovation, Brainwave, Steve Tam, Indiegogo, Nick Spina, Dream Qii ...
Thank you so much!

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)


With any crowd funded campaign there are risks to us as a company, but no more than the risk that you take by supporting us. While we are proud of our 3D Printer and believe you will love it, this is simply just the very beginning of our journey.
We have invested our time, resources and passion into turning this dream into a collective reality. And with your support, the possibilities for future innovations are already in the works. Our diverse team has been in the creative services and technology industries for years - and we know how to deliver.
NEA will be no different. NEA will deliver.


[Shipping] What are the shipping costs?
Shipping rates will average between $50-$100USD in North America and will be determined during the backer survey post pledge. We will follow up with pledgers with our shipping calculator to ensure the best rate possible before fulfilment. Canadians are subject to relevant provincial and territorial taxes. Applicable duties and taxes could apply to customers outside of Canada.

[REFUND] What is your refund policy?
Per Indiegogo standard and our own return policy, we do not offer refunds. However, if there are perk changes or additions you would like to make please contact us at info@nea3d.com.

[Production] What production phase are you currently in?
We are currently alpha testing our latest prototypes. Since CES, we have reduced the number of total components by 50 percent. We have been working closely with our prototyping and manufacturing partners to find the ideal combination of materials and processes. Our goal is to reveal our Beta at CE Week in NY this June.

[Manufacturing] Where are you manufacturing the NEA printers?
NEA printers will be manufactured and assembled in North America. Nearly every component has been researched, designed, produced and assembled in our local offices here in Toronto and Rochester NY.

[Manufacturing] How can you make these printers so affordable?
Our designers have spent many months engineering out costs to minimize components and labor, especially for the PRO PLUS model. Each custom component has been meticulously designed to ensure little to no waste while maximizing overall print volume and quality.

[Media] I am with the media who should I contact?
Please find all press and media related content at www.nea3d.com. (http://www.nea3d.com/)
Press Kit:Download April 30 Media Kit (http://nea3d.com/asset/NEA-MEDIA%20KIT-April30.zip)
Contact: info@NEA3D.com

[Shipping] When will my printer arrive?
Quarter 3 of 2015

[Pricing] What will the market prices be for NEA after your crowdfund?
Mini US$995; PRO US$1995; PRO-PLUS US$2995 MSRP. They will most likely street for less.

[Features] What comes with the printer?
Your NEA 3D printer will come stock, 1lb of filament with a cool spool, an instruction manual, and a NEA power cable.

[Software] What programs/software can be run with NEA
NEA will come equipped with Repetier firmware and host software out of the box, however NEA is compatible with all open source firmware/software bundles as well.

[Set-Up] How much calibration/set up is needed to print?
If you can set-up a coffee maker, you can set-up a NEA. Auto leveling and easy to use software make NEA ready to print shortly after taking it out of the box!

[Set-Up] Is there a mobile app available for NEA?
Yes. We will be offering a mobile app for OS and Android devices that will grant remote access through your favorite web browsers.

[Filament] What size filament diameter is used with NEA printers?
Initially, NEA will accept 1.75mm filament diameters, we will be offering upgrades to larger diameters shortly.

[Filament] What types of filaments can I use
We primarily recommend using PLA, but other plastic-based material, including ABS, can be used. We are hoping to offer a modular piece that can print Nylon and other higher temp materials, 300+ degrees celsius, in the near future.

[Partners] Who is Playfight?
Playfight is a visual effects and 3D Modeling company with decades of combined experience in the 3D industry. They will be contributing greatly to the Phase 1 launch of NEATSTUFF providing tutorials and premium model packs for download.

[Community] When will NEATSTUFF officially launch?
NEATSTUFF is aiming to launch during CE Week in NY City this June.

[Set-Up] How are you compensating for misaligned XY resonance issues as you go higher on the Z for the larger models?
Our printer utilizes parts recommended for higher-end CNC and precise machining. Rather than relying on a belt system, we use acme threaded rods for X, Y, and Z movements. We are proud to say that the NEA Pro and Pro Plus models will take advantage of our vibration dampening technology. While users will still need to print with "support material", our XY resonance issues are significantly reduced using our tech.

[Features] Can I get NEA in other colors?
Yes. We are happy that we can offer you NEA printers in multiple colors. Color variations will be made available post-pledge as an upsell.

[Warranty] What is your warranty policy
We ensure a 90 day limited hardware warranty. Extended warranties to one year are available post-pledge as an upsell as well. These will be priced as follows: NEA MINI - $70; NEA PRO - $90; and NEA PRO+ - $125.

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1432622/files/20150501090702-BUY.png?1430496422 (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nea-3d-stylish-upgradeable-3d-printing-for-all/x/8784579)