View Full Version : Droprinter exclusively developed for smartphones for truly mobile printing

07-13-2015, 06:44 AM
The droprinter is solely designed for printing from a smartphone with a basic geometry that is made to fit in small bags and be extremely portable. It can print text, photos, doodles and websites and doesn’t need ink because it uses thermal paper to print anything displayed on the screen. The thermal paper is coated with a solid state mixture, that when heated above its melting point, reacts with the acid, and shifts to its colored form. Each roll of paper has 85 feet of paper to print. Compact and easy to use, with one stop to connect and within seconds starts printing and after the first connection, droprinter pairs automatically to the mobile device.
Influenced by brands like muji and apple, the team behind the droprinter believes that people may not bring pens and paper everywhere, but they always bring their smartphone everywhere. That idea spawn the printer for moments when paper feels the most natural and organic way to communicate. Checkout their kickstarter campaign that is looking for funding.