View Full Version : FabPro 1000

05-24-2022, 06:14 PM
Hello. I have a FabPro 1000. For the past several months, I've had an issue where the jobs are only partially printing and the resin is getting gummed up in the resin tray. Sometimes, the jobs will partially print. Other times, I will just get a thin line of printed material and nothing else.

I purchased a new resin tray because it appeared that the one I had was leaking. I also got brand new resin as my resin was over a year old. I have also cleaned the glass plate under the resin tray and the resin catch tray with isopropryl alcohol on several occasions. In addition, I moved the printer to the floor to ensure it wasn't shaking on the table I had it resting on.

3DSystems tech support can find nothing wrong with the files of the print jobs in the logs I've sent them. They also said the glass plate and catch tray have been cleaned properly and the laser should be having no issue getting through them to the resin tray. I don't have an agitator to shake the resin but shook it thoroughly by hand. Before this year, I have printed plenty of jobs without issue. Has anybody had a similar issue with this printer? Thanks.