View Full Version : Stepper Driver Burnt Out

11-01-2022, 11:21 AM
Hi guys and gals!

Artillery Sidewinder X1 - has been through about 100 hours of print time and no parts have ever been touched or replaced.

I started a print, about a minute into the print, the printer just shut off. So I opened it up to inspect the power supply.

- Switch fuse still good
- 235V ac going in at the PSU terminals
- 24.3V DC coming out of the PSU to the motherboard

I didn't notice any spikes but my multimeter is cheap. But I still don't suspect the power supply.

As I was testing for AC voltage at the PSU, the Y axis stepper motor driver lit up and caught on fire.

Here's an image of the blown driver - put in browser address bar: ibb dot co backslash VmR3zRr
(I can't post links or images yet here because I'm new)

The cables are fine, the y stepper driver to the y motor cable is fixed in place with no damage, looks good.
The y axis moves freely, no binding or resistance.

A few questions:
1. Will a 3d printer turn off if a stepper motor goes bad? I would expect only an error.
2. What would cause a stepper motor get blown?

How can I troubleshoot this problem to figure out the cause of the printer turning off and the stepper motor blowing?

I'm ordering parts, I need to know what parts I should change out.