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12-17-2015, 03:05 AM
First of all, I thank the manager of Print3Dforum for letting me post an article about our website. (Permission granted)

Today I want to introduce our website www.3dupndown.com

About Us
3Dupndown allows people around the world to discover, enjoy, upload, download, and share originally-created 3D models. Members can interact, inform, and inspire others across the globe and act as distributers for 3D model users, creators, and advertisers.
Our motto is to “make the coming future.”
We can make the future together and make a difference in the world.
Join the community that will make changes to the future.
Our website provides distinctive service that is differentiated from other 3D printing communities. We are comprised of designers, advertisers, and users who download from our website. These three factors work as one helping each other parts.
3Dupndown allows designers to extend their capabilities and share their designs freely with the help of advertisers and users. Advertisers can post their products with more impact through our exclusive advertising methods towards our designers and users. Users will experience outstanding designs and help designers feel the achievement of their designs being appreciated by the world. Our community works in a cycle that is bound to grow. Become a part of our community and make changes to the future.


About Profit
How does 3Dupndown work?
1. How can my 3D model files make Profit?
: The very first procedure to make profit is to sign up in our website and fill out your information. Especially, filling out your information about the bank account is mandatory for us to send the profit you have made in 3Dupndown. Then, you are free to upload your 3D files that are going to be either shared or sold to our users. Every moment when the users download your works profit starts to accumulate in your bank account.
2. How much will my 3Dmodels earn?
: There are two ways.
1) Free 3D model files : Every time your 3D model files are downloaded, the profit created from advertisement will be deposited automatically into your bank account from the website.


2) Priced 3D model files : Every time your 3D model files are downloaded, 70% of the payment made by the user will be deposited directly into your bank account from the website.
3) Details
* Even though your 3D model files are free, when your files are downloaded by users, the advertising earnings will be sent to your account from the website. If the earning is $0.15 per download and 1,000 of your free files are downloaded by users, $150 will be sent to your account from the website. (The amount of earning per download can differ by the host of the advertisement)
* If you want to sell your files, 70% of your sales amount will be deposited into your 3Dupndown member account. If your $1 files are downloaded 100 times, you will receive 70% of the revenue, which is $70 and those earnings will be deposited into your account from the website.
* Meanwhile, you can request a withdrawal when the accumulated earnings reach $100 and then 3Dupndown will transfer the requested amount to your verified bank online.
4) When do I get paid?
You can be paid when your earnings reach $100 and if you fill out an application form about withdrawal on your My Page (http://3dupndown.com/mypage/?pcode=mypage&mtype=au), as long as there are no holds on your account and you're in compliance with our policies.
For example, if your balance exceeds $100 and you filled out an application form about withdrawal on your My Page (http://3dupndown.com/mypage/?pcode=mypage&mtype=au), we will send you a payment in the following month.
3. What types of 3Dmodels are eligible?
: For a 3Dmodel to be eligible, you must own worldwide distribution rights to everything in the 3Dmodel and the 3Dmodel must abide by our Terms of Service and our Guidelines.
This means you have created everything in your 3Dmodel yourself, and you did not sell or transfer exclusive commercial usage rights to someone else.
4. Which 3Dmodels are not eligible?
: Any other 3Dmodels you don't own worldwide commercial usage rights to.
5. How will I be paid?
: Payments are managed through a 3Dupndown account in My Page (http://3dupndown.com/mypage/?pcode=mypage&mtype=au). You must request drawing transfer to your account in order to be paid on the website.

Thank you for reading

Sangbeom Yu

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