View Full Version : Czech Pilot Launches Library for 3D Printed R/C Airplanes

02-23-2016, 05:17 PM

One niche market that has been heavily affected by the advent of low-cost desktop 3D printing is that of hobbyist modeling. A natural fit for hobbyists, 3D printing gives model makers the ability to, not just assemble and paint their projects, but to produce the basic parts from the start. In turn, not only have we see the technology adopted for simple CAD kits, but for R/C models, too. Now, a company called 3DLabPrint (https://3dlabprint.com/index.php) has flown into this niche with its own line of 3D printable R/C aircraft.

The Thunderbolt

The newest and most impressive models so far offered by 3DLabPrint are the Spitfire and Mustang fighters in 1/12 scale, as well as their largest model of the Thunderbolt and EasyMax sports glider. The 1/12 Thunderbolt scale model is, according to the company, the largest WW2 single engine fighter propelled by a piston engine. Its 1.16-meter wingspan allows for easier flying. With an optional conversion kit, a steerable rudder and retractable landing gear can be added, along with LED navigation lights. The EasyMax 001 is meant to be a design that is easier to fly for novices, with good glide ratio and a wingspan of 1.53 meters.

The EasyMax

The models are primarily created by Czech architect Štěpán Dokoupil, a pilot himself who was able to combine his love of flying with modeling when he got a hold of desktop 3D printing. Using the technology, he’s been able to create his own sophisticated RC model kits. Dokoupil’s own love flying is obvious when looking at these models, which are both detailed and capable. Most of the models can be purchased for $20 and will certainly satisfy modeling and R/C hobbyists.

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