View Full Version : So how many (spare) films did you get with your Morpheus?

03-08-2016, 08:21 AM
1? 2? 3 in total?

I only just got the one that got installed. Someone reported he got up to 3 in total...

I'm curious now!

How many each of you got?

03-08-2016, 09:14 AM
Just got the one which is installed, and one spare, so 2 in total.

03-08-2016, 09:33 AM
I only got the 1. They had 2 others we tested because the one was warped. But in the end they took the other 2. So.. Uno para Mi.

03-08-2016, 09:51 AM
Hmmmm and did they manage to retension it? Tony was able to fix mine somehow.

03-14-2016, 09:18 PM
I redid it myself. Still a bit off, but I'm working through it. They're supposed to send me another.

03-15-2016, 11:24 AM
I hope they send us an spare one to all, mine is not 100% perfect either... although much much better than the first 2 tests we did.

03-15-2016, 10:36 PM
Make sure you look after your film - I was given a spare (fortunately), but managed to mess up the original one big time and is now unusable (see photo). The resin you see is actually INSIDE the film.


03-16-2016, 09:19 AM
How did that happen at all!??!?!

03-17-2016, 01:00 AM
It was a combination of things. Firstly, can I ask if anyone has a good technique for leveling the platform? TOW told me to loosen all 4 knobs, then lower the platform into the resin. Once the platform is sitting flat, I was to push down on the bar and pull forward, then tighten the 2 knobs holding the bar in place. I was to then tighten the 2 knobs that level the build platform. The biggest problem with this approach is that the first few mm printed are squashed as a result. If the build platform is not pushed down, adhesion is a problem and the part just sticks to the VAT. Has anyone mastered this technique? I am getting better but am still no expert.

The film was destroyed mainly because I didn't properly clean the build platform between each print. This resulted in pieces of cured resin piercing the film and destroying it very quickly (I think the resin was stuck in the holes on he platform). Also, there appeared to be some impurities in the film, meaning when failed parts were scraped off, the impurities were also scraped off, leaving some damage on the film and allowing the resin to seep through.

03-17-2016, 07:37 AM
ah! not cleaning properly! that makes a lot of sense, yep!

re leveling, i initially forgot to push it down but after that adhesion problems where gone. what's wrong now?

03-17-2016, 08:27 AM
@bolsoncerrado the top print in the photo is when I push down on the bar and the bottom print is when I put less pressure on the bar. Have you suffered from this?


03-17-2016, 09:20 AM
The only thing I know is that when I did not put any pressure the prints ended up unsticking from the metal plate and started to cure on the film instead lol

See my pics on the Failed prints (http://www.print3dforum.com/showthread.php/735-Failed-print-show-off) thread....

03-17-2016, 09:58 AM
How much pressure do you put on the par and are your prints perfectly proportioned? I fee that if something is placed flat on the build plate, it won't be as thick as it should due to excessive pressure applied to lower layers causing it to be squashed at the bottom.

03-17-2016, 11:43 AM
It's nearly impossible to quantify that! It's "human power"....slight pressure? moderate pressure? idk!