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03-24-2016, 10:53 AM
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Professional tool for 3D print finish, repair, glue (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dfacture/fixer-a-professional-3d-print-finish-repair-and-gl)

by 3DFacture (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dfacture/fixer-a-professional-3d-print-finish-repair-and-gl/creator_bio)

Handy pen to apply solder paste, bond, and fix anything for DIY board! 3D Printer tool: Digital liquid dispensing syringe + UV LED

In 3D printing, we add supports to ensure the stability of the print model, but after removal of those supports, there can be many surface defects left behind, marring the finish of the model. The traditional way to repair these defects is to draw some resin with a syringe, inject it into the defects, and then cure it with either sunlight or an UV lamp. However, it is very difficult for beginners to control the release of resin from the syringe. Manual repair is time consuming, it is difficult to get the desired effect, and you could accidentally ruin the whole print! After experiencing various levels of success in repairing models, we decided to develop a professional product for resin model repair: the Fixer.

The Fixer will control the amount of resin extruded accurately via a programmable syringe pump. Tiny resin drops of the proper size will be injected into the defect area. If you inject too much resin, you can use the Fixer to suck resin back into the syringe. After you have the right amount of resin injected, you can cure it immediately afterward using the integrated UV LED light. The long life UV LED light has a tightly focused beam to insure rapid curing of the resin.


The Fixer uses a micro step motor and a replaceable syringe to release the desired amount of resin, either by individual drops or a continuous stream. The three buttons on the body control the movement of the syringe and activation of the UV light.


The Fixer has an ultraviolet (UV) LED integrated together with an automatic controlled syringe pump that squeeze out UV curable resin at desired speed. The syringe extrudes/squeeze our UV curable resin onto object to be fixed/glued, then the UV LED is shed onto the UV curable resin to get it solidified. The speed and amount of resin squeezed out is programmable. The UV LED can cure the resin in 1-30 seconds or less than a seconds. You can use it as your post-curing tool as well.

The Fixer works on any UV curable resin, Envisiontec, Autodesk, Formlabs, B9, FTD, Makerjuice, or regular UV LOCA glue....you name it.
Owner of a FDM printer without resin? Not a problem, just select the profession kit and we will provide you with syringes pre-filled with UV resin! Each 2ml syringe is enough for up to 20 fixes.


>> Check the video on Kickstarter! (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dfacture/fixer-a-professional-3d-print-finish-repair-and-gl)

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