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03-19-2017, 09:29 AM
Here is the list of Cube 3's temperature errors.
First number of the code is the extruder on which the error happened,for example if it happened on extruder 1 it would be T11 or if it happened on extruder 2 it would be T21.

T11-T21 Thermistor circuit - Possible short circuit detected (according to 3DS)
T12-T22 Initial rate of change low - 3DS says to contact them
T13-T23 High rate of temperature change detected - A sudden change in temperature was detected
T14-T24 Low rate of temperature change detected - The rate of temperature increase is below the expected rate of change. [FIX (http://www.print3dforum.com/showthread.php/956-Cube3-T24-Error-Code-Solution)]
T15-T25 Set point deviation - The temperature is different from the target temperature

Source:3DS infocenter

03-22-2017, 04:22 PM
Nice find, Bleky.

I wonder what they are doing for set-point-deviation.
That means something is acting as a calibration element.

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Yep, T13 when you pull a hot-end while it's cooling.

12-03-2017, 08:10 PM
Moksol, did you monkey with the "FIX" link? China-Prices dot com is not the original link! Bo, what is happening here... I don't like surprise SPAM links!

12-04-2017, 09:12 AM

Looks like this basterd is changing the links while quoting!

Fixing spambot now.

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12-06-2017, 04:03 AM
Ok, so I have recently been getting T14 errors while trying to print ABS. It wouldn't even start to print before getting the error. I always only have 1 print head in place because I really don't do dual color and don't want to mess with the head alignment crap. So I got to thinking that the top fan cools both hot ends. I put a dummy print head (original print head minus the metal parts) in the right side and it seems to have solved the issue.

So maybe we have a good use for the old print heads.

12-06-2017, 12:22 PM
What I've noticed once is that I launched a print from the software and it was trying to heat the side without nozzle fitted; its definetly a software glitch as I recreated the build file and worked fine the second time, but this made me initially think in the wrong direction (T14 error) just because of a software glitch! :(

05-29-2018, 10:56 AM
Re: Ekocycle Temperature Errror
We had the same problem with the T22 error. Here's what the folks at Cubify told us:

Thank you for contacting Cubify!

A temperature error can be fixed rather simply.

Please uninstall the print tips and then reinsert them.

Make sure you turn the tips until you feel a slight click and that the dots align on the top of the tip and carriage.

If this does not resolve the issue then please unplug the printer form the outlet, uninstall the cartridges and wait about 5-10 minutes.

Insert the cartridges and then power the printer back on.

This should resolve the issue.

Contact us with any further questions!

05-29-2018, 04:51 PM
"Awesome" fix....

(note the irony)

05-29-2018, 06:32 PM
Yea, that's about the level of support I get from them as well.
They are simply shooting from the hip in everything Cubify at this time.
And they have to, simply because there are still legacy machines out there other than the Cube3.

I would say the problem is the push-nut on the nozzle has slid to far down the stainless steel tube.
Resetting that would probably do a lot more good than the service call.
This is what makes sure the nozzle is well seated in the heater block.