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Is it Possible To Integrate Python with Kotlin Mobile App Development?

Python is an open-source programming language. It is a backend development programming language that supports AI-ML to design any application's interactive and powerful backend. Usually, this language is used in the software development life cycle to create server-side applications, but now it is extensively used in mobile app development. The benefits to hire python developers for app development are as mentioned here:-
It supports cross-platform app development
Beneficial to design AI-ML enabled applications
Dynamic and robust mobile application development
Faster and cost-effective development tools
Easy modification and customisation
Python is a new-age universal programming language that requires fewer technical skills. But, to make mobile apps, Python needs integration with dedicated frameworks, libraries, and a codebase of other programming languages. Hence it needs dedicated developers to employ Python in mobile app development. The reason behind Python developers hiring is that Python is not a mobile app development programming language. Still, it offers an Android software development kit (SDK) through which developers can design natively rendered cross-platform Android apps.

Even though Python is a general-purpose programming language, when a question arises about integrating a Kotlin mobile app, then it is quite risky. The reason behind it is that Kotlin itself is a dedicated android app development programming language. This language is used on the server-side to develop the backend of an Android app. The key benefits to hire Kotlin app developers are as mentioned here:-
Every developer wishes to do less coding, and Kotlin provides that. On the other hand, less scratch coding reduces development time and cost, providing cost-effective and faster app development for clients.
Kotlin has an inbuilt error-handling system which makes the application more reliable and high-performing
Kotlin is an advanced version of Java. As a result, it supports Java library structures to design the most powerful applications.
Since Kotlin is an Android app programming language, but Python does it through SDK, integrating both languages is a bit risky and not beneficial. Therefore developers prefer to choose Kotlin over Python while developing Android apps. Some differences between Kotlin and Python in this regard are as follows:-
Kotlin supports advanced-age HTML5 for scripting, but Python supports Chameleon, JinjaAdobe Flash support, and Django Template.
Python supports object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming languages, but Kotlin has a wide range of supportive programming languages, including metaprogramming, react, and reflective programming.
Python does not support Kotlin, but Kotlin code can support python input
To make an excellent interactive app, HTML5 also plays a vital role; hence it is advisable to hire HTML5 developers along with Python or Kotlin.
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