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  1. Production of a printed circuit boards. L-Cheapo diode Laser.Endurance Ro

    Demonstrating the process of manufacturing the printed circuit board on the copper-plated glass fiber using vinyl film and diode laser Endurnace L-Cheapo power 2.1W (2100 mW)
  2. Creality Cr-10 Brand new Heated Bed Not Working!!!

    Hey Guys,

    I just received my Cr-10 in the mail today and set it all up nice and easy. But when I turn the printer on and start the heat up process the temperature of the heated bed does not go up,...
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    Wire Diagram!!!

    Hello, after taking three months off from frustration of this printer I am ready to tackle it again. As a newbie to 3D printing I was aware of a learning curve so I'm ready to go at it again. I am...
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    Noob question of the day...!!!

    I have noticed most videos have show someone pulling a print layer off the bottom of their prints. Will this starter layer be on all printers or is this something that has to be programmed in?

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    HELP! Ciclop 3D Scanner not Connecting!!

    I am in need of some help. I recently printed and build a Ciclop 3D Scanner with an Arduino UNO R3 and Zum Shield. I uploaded the Horus firmware onto the board perfectly fine but when i open up Horus...
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    Using X-Ray images to create a 3D model

    Hi everyone, I have the possibility to access and use a Xray machine free netflix during my thesis project: tech news do you think it is possible to use the images android 9 recorded to create a 3d...
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