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    Nice. need to tinker with that with my laser cutter now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolsoncerrado View Post
    Big mess as of flames? lol

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    Then full power might not be the answer ha!

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    ( waterjet )

    I'll see what leather does. Seems too simple.


    Any odds on short or long term success?
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    I fear leather gets deformed too easily... after a few wipes that is.

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    One vote for early uselessness on leather

    For what it's worth, this is a piece from a cheap wallet leather kit.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    A quick review of the leather...

    Did you know PLA and ABS like to stick to leather?
    It does... fail one.

    Leather takes a little more maintenance to avoid welding old filament back to a hot nozzle.
    The setup I am using now is working excellent on the wipe operation which is a plus.

    Variation in this process is huge. From suppleness of the leather, fuzziness, and overall fit all make a difference.
    For my application, the thickness is a near-net fit to the little white holder.
    No reason for the loop because it has nowhere to go. But it can lift out easily if you need to clean it.

    My stock wipers are still in good shape. However, they've never done this well in removing all the tailing at the beginning of the print.

    I'll need to do the dual filament test as this is the real test for this kind of solution. That is where color bleed has always been a problem for me.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Ever since this post got started I've been wondering what useful household item could double for the wiper.

    The leather worked fine (and is still working). Somehow I lost a leather pad never to be seen again.

    One thing I noticed with the leather pad is that the nozzle doesn't quite hit center... where the slit is in the stock wiper.

    So next I went to another supposedly thermal tolerant material... silicone.

    Maybe you recognize the material I am using as a jar lid gripping pad; a round deep red pad for removing jar lids.

    Funny, this silicone doesn't manage temps to 260*C very well at all!

    But it does make for a nice trip space. Filament won't melt the silicone but the tip will.

    What do you guys and gals think...


    - - - - - - - - - -

    Alright, still a bit of a gap. Works okay with silicon but it is not up to the temperature in the region for long term use.

    Maybe you want to try this also. It is working on mine right now.

    Take a 6mm long piece of your bowden tube.
    Split it lengthwise.
    Flatten the piece of tubing by opening it up.
    Now push it in the white waste container clip (fits perfectly side-to-side)
    Replace the clip in the bin and check the clearance to the nozzle. It should come out flush.
    I suggest a safety razor for trimming considering it makes Teflon feel like butter.
    If the wiper is too tall, just trim it with the blade. If you go to far, start over.

    Now I will chase the fact that the Cube3 continues to poop filament after it passes the waste bin. This needs an explanation in the slicer code.

    I haven't worn out or lost an original wiper, but they only work so well. I'm looking at a more reliable solution. If you look at the CubePro, you will see a hard spring-loaded edge for the wiper. That is what we need. This also opens the possibility of making a more comprehensive wiper clip where we can use a simple piece of tubing rather than having to split it.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    The Teflon wiper is holding up nicely. The turd that continues to drool after wiping still needs to be addressed. This should only require fine tuning within the initialization section.

    This is what I am running now in PLA:
    M227 P250 S250 G450 F600
    M228 P0 S250
    M231 P0 S0
    M232 P5000 S5000
    M233 P1000
    M106 P100
    G4 P60
    M601 P3 S60 F5
    M240 X450
    M240 Y400
    M228 P0 S1
    M227 P1 S1 G1000 F1000
    M601 P8 S60 F5
    M240 S450
    M204 S155 P1
    M104 S155 P1
    G1 X-100.500 Y0.000 Z5.0575 F7000.0
    M104 S225
    G4 P15
    M551 P850 S50
    G1 X-95.500 Y0.000 Z5.0575 F7000.0 <= remove
    M104 S210 P1
    M601 P2 S60 F5
    M240 X400
    M240 Y450
    #Vector T22
    M104 S235 P1
    M228 P0 S250
    M227 P250 S250 G450 F600
    G1 X-22.817 Y4.723 Z0.2500 F1000.0
    M108 S29.0
    G1 X-23.322 Y4.763 Z0.2500 F1200.0
    G1 X-23.302 Y5.155 Z0.2500 F1200.0
    G1 X-23.220 Y5.520 Z0.2500 F1200.0
    G1 X-23.072

    So you see I took out the pause outside the waste bin. I've slowed the travel to the first touchdown. I've reduced the retraction parameters throughout. With the F1000, a 1/2" drool was still present but it stuck the print beautifully with only a little tail well out of the way. Not nearly as violent as the default "print start" routine.



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