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    Thanks for the BIG chuckle...
    You get a "Like"


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    Thanks for the info. However, that didn't solve the issue I'm having. What I am attempting to do is decode "Build_Config_Cube_3.xml" into a readable file which
    either the DOS or GUI does quite well.
    Then without modification encode the file back to its original. Cube Print fails to "print" with the newly encoded "Build_Config_Cube_3.xml".
    The DOS version complains "Decoding error: Invalid padding. Make sure that this is a valid encoded file." But, still decodes the file into a .bfb (.txt) file.

    Doing a binary compare of the encoded files reveals only a slight difference at the end of each file:
    8E 51 38 89 2A BB 4F 49 CD 7E 91 35 CC 7D 00 47 27 58 60 EA 09 76 C1 F2 3D 39 E0 22 CC 11 03 7B 06 00 00 00
    New encoded:
    8E 51 38 89 2A BB 4F 49 9A 0A 58 CE 0B 36 FB 1D

    If I append the Newly encoded file with the additional binary, all is well. Cube Print creates the print. No problem.

    Ultimately, what I would like to accomplish is the ability to change the parameters within the build file, encode it then build a cube print file with new parameters.
    Example: Change MET to PLA and PLA to MET, thus Cube Print will build the file as a PLA using the MET parameters. Or tweak the PLA build Temps, etc.

    Any insight would be greatly be appreciated...G70

    PS Programing;I only know how to take'em apart. Can't build'em.

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    Hum, I'm not really sure why that would be. To be honest I have kind of done away with cubify and switched to Simplify3d. If the Hex code is the same every time you could just add some code after the blowfish encryption is done to just add that hex code on to your output before it closes the file stream.


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    That's the problem. I want to modify the xml file, adjusting parameters to my liking. But, I can't because not even an unmodified file will not encrypt like the original.
    Could you publish your .fff ?

    TNX, G70



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