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    Cartidge readout buffer....

    There's the suspicion that the Cube 3 has an internal buffer of chip readings that once it's filled up, the printer won't mind if the cart is used or not...

    If you have swaped lots of carts on your cube, please let us know what you experience with brand new or empty carts while having the hacked firmware loaded!

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    This is where this belongs... And is more or less an observation for Tomuro.

    Tomuro, you mentioned in your blog that there are two buffers in the onboard (motherboard) MP that manages the cartridge chip data.
    I am suggesting that one of these buffers are not being cleared with the hack in place. Once full, no new entries are added.

    This is the same buffer that would remember to write to a "removed cartridge while printing". It always writes the new value to catch up even if a dozen prints have been done since. I might even go so far as to suggest that the entire swarm knows filament has been used but that is reaching.

    I know this is anecdotal, but I have 2 "modified" Cube 3 printers that are running 100% OOTB cartridges and not changing the value.

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