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    Finally got the time to make Marvin with wash-away filament.

    The Good... it does work. Even the cartridge I got a year ago went right to work... and with a 100% cartridge no less!

    The Bad... doesn't even think about sticking to LokBuild! A little Cube Glue solved that.

    The Ugly... see below.

    Not any issues with the Inf filament other than needing a serious soaking and scrubbing.
    Just the mess dual extruder printing can make unless you tend every layer.
    This is mostly due to the fact that my wipers are not at the right level under the print-head.

    marvin in ice.PNG

    I look forward to a more complex support model. So far this is good stuff.

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    Why a marvin hehe You could have used any other to test?

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    I started an Aphrodite print but the Inf filament failed to stick to the LokBuild. So I went for Marvin just to make sure the glue worked.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Alright, were back to testing Infinity Rinse.
    Had some issues with the cartridge but that is all worked out now.

    One thing to note about forwarding filament in a cartridge; hold the detent arm away from the spool's teeth!
    Turns out that driving filament on some cartridges will actually strip is you let the "lock" stick.

    Made a real mess of the custom feed tube that the infinity rinse uses:
    This is before I accordion'd this piece:

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