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    Cura Minimum Layer time

    The original recommended settings by RapidLite for Cura Minimum layer time was 60 seconds. I happened to lower this value to see if it would speed up my print and it reduced print time by almost half without any detriment to my print quality. This was while printing a vase. My new setting is 10 seconds and I plan on keeping this setting for the time being. Just an FYI if any of you are in a rush to get last minute Christmas gifts printed!.

    Merry Christmas.


    0.20 Layer Height.

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    Looks nice! What size is it? Will try your setting for one of my prints. I had some delamination on my last print, I need to solve this somehow. So many variables!!!

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    Awesome vase indeed, thanks for sharing the experiences, this makes the best tunning ever.



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