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Thread: Z-ticks

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    Lightbulb Z-ticks

    Not a bug but an artifact of auto-leveling... Look for it on your favorite prints.


    I had mentioned this before in unrelated posts but now I have evidence.

    My printer is doing a lot of Z-correction in the front-back orientation.
    While printing this little box, the z is corrected twice to maintain level.
    However, this little move leaves an imprint in your part.

    The reason I mention this in a dedicated post is to bring forth awareness.
    If you really want to get rid of this, you need to manually level your plate better than the auto-level allows.
    If you print a single wall thickness rail at 6" x 6", you will hear how many times the auto-Z adjusts.
    You would correct the leveling feet (not knowing which way to go, up or down, of course), you can imaging how the leveling would have to go for both X and Y.*

    * many left to right to left ... ticks only, Front to back no ticks: Adjust the right pad.
    * many front to back to front... ticks only, no side to side ticks: Adjust the forward left pad.
    * many ticks in both right to left and front to back; Adjust both right and left-front pads.

    After each adjustment, you would re-auto-level and reprint the single wall rail print from above.
    Once you get no ticks, you are dead level!

    Is this worth the effort... In my case for the example I am using, yes, definitely. That is more than 6 corrections along 6" of travel -only- in Y (front to back) in my case. This means the adjustment would be in the forward left pad only to level out his error. This probably happened because the pads can loosen up over time but the auto-level routing can correct for it. But as you can improve print quality, why not go through the routing at least once.


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    Wow, is THAT smart!? Live Z autocorrect!?

    It took Prusa a while to implement the autolevel feature hehe

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    Listen for the ticks as the print goes front to back...

    After some serious adjusting, I got it down to 1 tick in front-back and 2 ticks left to right in a 6" square pattern.
    Much happier now! Each tick is only about a 1/128th of a turn on the pads.

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    sheeeze! Now that is someone with a very keen eyeball! or earball?!?
    Tommy, you rock.



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