ok, I'm looking for an alternative to the glue which takes time to dry and I think there are options out there that are better. While researching other options I thought about the main issue we need to solve and which material would work, be easy to install and be really cheap. I was considering Buildtak or LokBuild, but these options are pricey and hard to take off and replace if damaged.I know people have gotten no lifting with painter's tape, but it sticks to the printed part.

So I considered gaffers tape which has very good adhesion properties unless you want to peel it off. When you want it off, you peel it off (peel back at almost 180 degrees and it comes off easily and low residue). Also the exposed surface is matted and has good morphology, but is fairly low surface energy- so it's sort of the mama bear of tapes for this purpose.

I installed it tonight on the stock bed and really didn't expect it to work because I don't yet understand how the autoleveling/auotgap works and whether it would actually behave as intended. Also I installed it minimizing the gap between strips, while making sure there was absolutely no overlap. I didn't really install the tape with a lot of care or craftsmanship because I really expected it to fail.

After installing it I performed autolevel and autogap. First autolevel failed and I inspected the plate and noticed a bubble, so I pressed the bubble and made sure it was basically flat. After this very minor tweak autolevel passed, I proceeded to autogap and it passed too. Hhhhm, so far so good. I printed the test print and it did not peel in fact it seemed to behave as good or better than when using glue (because glue thickness varies by application). Also I was happily surprised when the test part peeled off cleaner and with less effort than glue.

I chose this glue because I do product design and am familiar with many types of adhesives but never used gaffer's tape in a design actually- however the 3M rep gave me a sample and I am still amazed with how many uses I have for this stuff. The brand I had on hand for this was brown from gafferspower.com.

I've had this printer for a few days now and am in the process of printing some parts to make the printer have less feed issues.

This group is awesome, thought I'd offer something back.

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It really did not curl (sorry about the autofocus on my camera). Take my word for it.


Backside looks better than glue actually. Probably due to uniform thickness

Here's the tape details, also available in other colors including white, but brown is the only one tested.
Make sure when taking the printed part off the platform to use spatula and pry on part, taking care to not gouge the tape (err or the side of gouging the part). I have not tested this for durability yet.

My math says this length should allow 45 applications (30yds at 2 feet or 4 strips at 6 inches per strip per application).
Not sure how many parts can be printed on one application, but I'm still testing.

This has only been tested on stock ABS filament with stock firmware 1.11

Good Luck,

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Ok, here is a larger print some of you may be familiar with . So far so good.