Hey all, sorry if this is in the wrong part.

I've recently liberated my CubePro using the Firmware Hack - Yaaay

I can now use Filament from other places - Yaaay

I use Simplify 3D as a slicing software - Thrice Yaay

I can't for the life of me get it to print with a PLA Sample from RigidInk I have with Simplify3D - Boooooooo

The Cubepro software does an "ok" job of using the RigidInk PLA (so proves it can use it) but obviously, support still sucks so I want to use S3D, but the settings it comes with flatly refuses to print properly.

I've been at this on and off for weeks, adjusting settings and so on but it just won't play ball and I wondered if anyone else has managed to get Simplify 3D to work with other filament on a CubePro.