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    Introduction, and a word of advice.

    Hello, I'm new to the board. I have a CR 10 S. and have only been printing for a few months. I have learned a lot over these few months from this board and other resources. I was having bed adhesion problems. Seemingly at random, my parts would start to curl up, and some would pop loose from the bed. I tried every suggestion, blue painters tape, glue sticks, A mirror surface even a PEI Matt. One cool morning I started a print. It had been going perfectly for three hours or so. Then I noticed the air conditioner came on. Next thing I knew I had a stringy mess. Three hours of print time wasted. The air vent over the printer was turned off. So I did not think it would bother it. I moved my printer into a storage closet that did not have a air vents, And I kept the door closed. I have gone back to a mirror surface, I leveled it, and clean it with white vinegar. It has been there for well over a month. I have made dozens of prints without one bed adhesion failure.

    The moral to this story is don't just look at your procedures, or blame your printer for bed adhesion problems. Or any problem for that matter. Look at the environment. What has changed in the room that might be affecting your print.

    I hope this helps someone. And I look forward to being a member here. I know my contributions won't be much, but every little piece of the puzzle might help someone.

    Hope all your problems are small, And have a great day.

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    Welcome to the forum, Joe.

    Your words are wise.
    I use a Cube 3 that doesn't have bed heating.
    ABS is a real challenge to hold down.

    Although I appreciate the fact that prints built right on the build surface have a nice flat face, this is the very reason for the curling.
    The problem is that the plastic is trying to shrink (a lot!) and the build plate is preventing that.
    So if you can get your entire print up on supports, this removes curling issues.
    The supports have plenty of flex to manage the shrink rate.

    I know this is not helpful for a lot of designs, but it is worth noting.

    This is also why I default to PLA prints. It is just so much easier to work with.



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