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    Post Bowden Tube Review

    Alright guys. Here is a video on how I determine if my choice of Bowden tube is acceptable;

    Please feel free to add to the discussion.

    Below is my preferred supplier: w/ the caveat that maybe not the full length is usable -and- that it may come in a tight little ball in a mini-envelope.
    But hey, 4 meters for $5. Beats the $30-someodd I've spent on absolute junk before.

    User name "zhome2015" in case the ad changes.

    I only mention the disclaimer since someone on Facebook got all bent out of shape after waiting a whole month.
    I received mine and as mentioned in the video, exactly what I expected and better.

    Also see the results form the Capricorn tubing that Alex sells...
    ...and I will clarify here that my tests on the Capricorn tubing is a sample size of 1 meter.
    I have no idea what their manufacturing variations may be.
    I only say this because something is amiss in their data.

    And to give a little history on how I came about this information. It was actually quite a while ago that I was using Inland PLA filament.
    We had already wandered into the Bowden upgrades when Alex came up with the KISS Carts, which is still my fav.
    I was printing a larger shape with a lot of fill. If stopped about 40% in... TWICE! Yes, the jam was repeatable within very few layers of each other.

    So I looked at it with a much closer eye and found that the filament had a completely flat back to it... meaning the non-gear side was nearly 1mm wide and flat as a pancake. The tractor side looked like well worn-in tractor marks. But the width of the filament measure 2mm (cold).

    So 2mm wide with rounded edges should fit in a 2mm tube... but that is only true if the tube and the filament had the same expansion rate form heat.
    It doesn't and PLA, as most plastics, expands significantly when heated; as much as 20%. Since the filament tube is always getting warm from air coming off the print-head, the filament inside the tube does expand when in use. Add the ever increasing friction from the girthing of the tube to the filament, and you get the perfect storm. However, when you take it apart and test it, it doesn't "seem so bad"... and that's because it has already started cooling down. But you will feel the extra resistance you won't feel with a single-tractor'd piece of filament or fresh filament is run through the same tubing.

    Now please, I am not saying that the other tubing won't work -most- of the time. This is specifically for those that want their prints to work -every- time.

    Please add your thoughts or material source, and your experience with it.
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