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Thread: Universal Hub

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    Those look absolutely gorgeous!

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    Some more Cube 3 Universal Hub p@rn...

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    I would say thank you, but you are the man that designed them there gorgeous parts. I just hit print and I believe PETG did the rest.

    Some cross dressing has happened since my last post...


    The other halves are currently attached to the EkoCycle.

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    Quick couple of somewhat related questions:

    1. I now have one B2B setup using a stock cartridge and I had forgotten how loud and clanky the retract and feed cycles can be on them. Any solution to quiet the stock cartridge down?

    2. I need some guidance\hints\education on drawing up threaded parts that look and work as well as the ones that you design Tommy.

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    That mix and match thing had occurred to me at some point

    If the cartridge locks into place well, and you have the metal Woodruff keys installed, it should be fairly quiet.
    The only time I get significant feedback is when I run hard filaments.

    The only undesired feedback I get is when the printer starts eating the feeder tube on either side of the driver.
    Cleaning the incoming side is normally enough to fix it; on the output side, that is where the "snugness" of the tube in the bulkhead comes in.

    For parametric thread development specifically for 3D printing is covered on thingiverse...
    The intro image of the cross section with numbers and symbols... that is what I use for 3D printed threads.
    The only variable is pitch and diameter. The rest is a result from those two parameters.
    What I did was to remove the 60 degree overhang that threads normally create.
    I also created a generic clearance based on an offset defined by the valley.
    That offset is the truly unique aspect of defining this thread specifically implemented for 3D printing.
    And as to section orientation... I -do not- make the section normal to the helix in the case of threads. That is a normal CAD question that often comes up.

    More about threads:

    The image is very revealing in the basis of the unified thread class.

    I can see this becoming a highly sought after accessory option

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