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    Quote Originally Posted by slx612 View Post
    It is common practice, yes slx612.

    I do a lot of printing and I have changed the filament a lot for single prints.
    While changing filament, the handling of the hubs and nozzles inevitably rotates the tube in the fittings.
    This is okay if it happens occasionally, but repeated rotations will cut a groove in the tube.
    When the groove gets deep enough, the grippers inside the fittings will not release the tube.
    And when you force the tube, the metal grippers break inside the fitting.
    This means that you need to trim another 1/4" from the tube and you have to replace the fitting.

    This fitting replacement solution removed the risk of not being able to remove the tube when you want too.
    This is specifically important if you plan to change filaments in the middle of the print.

    Also know that the design of the commercially available fittings were never meant for Teflon.
    It is the 3D Printing industry that decided is was "sufficient" to do what it does.

    My goal is to make filament easy to change and minimize all expenses related to 3D printing.
    Replacement tubing and fittings is something I can do without now.

    Of course, you can adopt this solution on either end. I still use a modified stock nozzle housings to print ABS.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    BTW: not sure you know, slx... I have used this setup for quite some time:

    The thing is that I do need to keep a printer available for offsite printing.
    With this cartridge modification, I can pull the Bowden tube; which removes the filament from the nozzle; and the nozzle can be kept in place with original shipping materials; the Bowden tube can be separated from the cartridge and placed in the original cartridge box.

    Additionally, with the cartridge case-cover modification, there is no reason that feeding a full 1kg spool is just as simple if you have a good spool holder.
    This is the one I use:

    Obviously I've been trying to get to a fixed configuration for my printers. At this point, I am very happy with the addition of this option. This particular level of effort to groove the tubing is way above my own personal needs. I can groove tubing with a jeweler's lathe with ease. Therefore, this effort was to provide an alternative means to make the groove for anyone with a set of jeweler's screwdrivers or an eyeglasses repair kit. Making things easy to make is always the challenge for DIY projects

    A note on modifying the cartridge case cover:
    I modified two cases recently. The first I marked and used a rotary tool cut-off wheel. Sort of carving the hole a cut at a time followed by a small drum sanding with the rotary tool. If you even played with the resulting debris, you will notice that this stuff is quite abrasive. You don't want this in your lungs. WEAR A FACE MASK!

    -OR- better yet, use a coping saw, scroll saw, or jig saw. Anything that keeps the waste materials under strict control. I used the scroll saw and it just cut like butter and all the waste was pushed under the working surface. The cleanup was done using a hand file and sandpaper. This method made me a lot more comfortable than the cutoff wheel/barrel sanding process.
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