No, this is not a duplication. I purchased a lot of 3 Cube 2 ABS cartridges from eBay for cheap. This are 2 Tan and 1 Neon Green.

History: I cannot find an ABS worth its salt for the Cube 3. I was watching Fugatech's YouTube vids and he mentioned something interesting...
According to the Fugatech tech (what's you name?), the 3DS ABS is actually a formulation that requires lower temps. Is this true? Who knows. I just know that I can get perfect prints even on very old (2013) 3DS ABS. This lot was from 2015.

I do like this tan color. Not quite cardboard and definitely not too pink. Let's see how this works out for statues and things.
The neon green is as always... loud!

Okay, a review to follow...

- - - - - - - - - -

I also learned what not to do with the winder tool...


Turns out these cartridges are very loosely wound like the CubeX cartridges. Pulling the filament from the cartridge just locked it up very quickly. I don't know how this doesn't happened in their respective printers.
In this case, it exploded the cardboard spool inside the housing. I went an manually wound it from the center of the spool so that it would minimize the re-winding stress.
Took a while, not quiet as tight as I'd like, but I got most of the Tan spool loaded onto the Cube3 spool. That was a fail but a good lesson.

I did load up the neon green onto another Cube3 spool. This time with the winder. I removed one side of the cartridge covers and held the other half with the cardboard spool flange against my thumb to add a little resistance. This worked much better although it does put the large OD from the cardboard spool at the small diameter of the Cube3 spool. I suspect it will survive the bending stress as this material is very supple. The nice thing about this wind; the entire Cube2 spool fits on the Cube3 spool.

First things first; look at the de-duster incorporated in the case...


...of course, it has the very same chip as all the other 3DS carts.

The filament weight it right at 2/3 lbs. I measured 3/4lb with the cardboard spool. A little more with a full Cube3 spool.


What's in the box: A vacuum sealed cartridge...


To open, just peel it apart starting at the top of the arc.

So there you have it. A full spool of 3DS Cube 2 cartridge will fill completely a Cube 3 cartrridge.
A CubeX cartridge will fill the Cube 3 spool maybe 1-1/2 times.

I also wouldn't rule out harvesting PLA this way as 3DS PLA is still exhibits extremely good print definition.
However, be careful about the age of PLA. These will be a little more susceptible to aging.

This is definitely a good thing to keep in your eBay search list. CubeX is easy to search, but the Cube 2 carts require a little more work to find.

I think I finally got my ABS conundrum resolved in a less than conventional manner.
This lot cost me $30 for almost 1kg, delivered. The CubeX cost me more due to shipping costs but still well worthwhile.
Everyday cost is about $25 for 1/2kg delivered in the CubeX cartrides.
Still a whole lot better than buying new Cube 3 cartridges.

Be careful though! There is now a 3rd party making Cube 2 and CubeX cartridges.
I bet some sellers are "recharging" cartridges too and adding questionable filaments.

And as a bonus, for those who have ventured into the chip-rewriting camp... you get a free chip with every cartridge!
BTW: I have a couple of non-cube3 chips I would ship to any USA address.
With Tomaro's advanced code, you should be able to rewrite them to Cube 3 chips.

- - - - - - - - - -

Yesterday I confirmed the weight of the Cube 3 spool... a whopping 5.5 oz! The cardboard spool is 2 oz for the Cube2 carts.

So either cartridge holds roughly 10 oz of filament... which is less than a 1/3 of a kilogram.
Put another way, you can fill up a Cube3 cartridge 3-1/2 times with a kilogram of filament