Chip-Clips you ask?

Yep, how to remove the chip from the hub solutions... other than the full cartridge, of course.

This little solution could be fun.
Now I should be able to make a filament driver clamp that allows just the driver to snap onto the printer.

But before I did than, we need a chip contact solution.

I went and got these on eBay for a little over a buck.


I've seen the EE's use them around work but never actually owned any.
Now I've got a few cables built up. This will help with a lot of future projects.

Initially I was going to solder the chip to the wires... and I thought "why?".

This works nicely and has a pretty good grip on both ends:

Simple overview (sorry for the poor focus)

A reading:


The contact end well secured and isolated:


And securing the chip:


It needs a little work to maintain the driver vertical (I once put one out that would work... need to find it again)


What do you think... worth pursuing?

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Of course, these clips should work well with the chip modifier as well
I really need to finish that project