I suppose we should make a thread for Cura related things for the Cube3 in its own place.

Current version of Cura at the time of this post is 3.4.1.

Interesting find: Cura has included a BFB profile!
I already looked at the output Gcode file and it doesn't look too bad.

However, let it be known that the Cube3 slicer is quite sophisticated.
The per-layer routine is quite different.

I have a feeling we are going to have to allow significant compromises if we want to use advanced features of Cura.

Let the fun begin!

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This is not a good sign... On a Lenovo with NVidia drivers in Windows 7 you get no main menu in Cura!


All my clicks are offset by almost 3/4 below the selection box window.

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The first piece of critical Cura data... the variables!

Reason I am interested in these is similar variables I found in the 3DS DLL's.
Hoping to do a cross between them.
This is also what you can use in Cura scripts from what I can tell.

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Okay, so the link above is 35 pages of allowable Cura "variables"...

These are the same variables used by 3DS in their BFB DLL.

Notice that many of these load the info section of the .cube3 file... but of course, that means we should be able to properly populate these fields for the Cube3 to see.

Now to match them up :| I filtered out the blowfish and other non-bfb tagged variables.


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First problem I ran into...
layer heights are limited to 3 decimal places.
I confirmed that Cura simply ignores the 4th digit.
So our layer height of 0.1925mm has to change regardless.

This isn't much... for 2000 layers that is an error of 1mm.
Or 385mm tall vs 384mm

Using the BFB printer flavor in Cura, the M108 Snn.n calls are within a reasonable range used in the .cube3 files as are the G1 ... Fnnnn.n calls.

Cura needs a "per layer" script which can solve almost everything else.

I just need to get up the nerve to run a Cura core in between the .cube3 headers and footers after making some basic corrections.

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Not getting any response from Ultimaker on the Windows 7/NVidia issue I am having.
Getting further along on the little laptop... use a mouse! :|

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...findings for an enhancement request to the Cura S/W team... forum and github;
I requested an update to the layer thickness entry UI to be limited to only 3 decimal places.
This request has been accepted.
I do wish to note this only as it is relevant to the Cube3:
Cura uses micron resolution meaning 0.001mm. In trying to mimic completely the Cube3 values directly, the 0.1975mm layer height in the .cube3 files cannot be duplicated. I also noted during my investigation that Meshmixer provides for sub-micron values only in the Z-axis. I found that notable.
Anyway, a long discussion was bantered about and resolution was determined; the UI will limit the number of decimal places to 3 digits after the decimal point.

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I thought this thread would have to die a whimpering death...


I finally got Cura to run on my CAD workstation.
Turns out you have to tell NVidia that Cura is a 3D app!

Finally have a menu in Cura and some horsepower behind the bit-cruncher.