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    I have not upgraded so it is difficult to be a guide. However, there are others on the forum that do use it.
    Having the freedom to make your own profiles is a huge leap in itself ;]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRoo View Post

    Looks like you guys have put in a lot of effort to get Cura working with our printers. Thank you.
    I'm trying this myself and have come across a problem when slicing with BFB.

    It is adding additional lines to the print that are unnecessary, I cant figure it out.
    Attachment 4489Attachment 4490

    Has anyone come across this before?
    Will they appear when printing?
    Any fixes?

    Cura Version 4.13.1

    Thank you in advance.

    Just a quick update for anyone following.
    My problem with the additional lines showing in the preview is a visual glitch with BFB in Cura.

    After printing I can see it is just the travels but for some reason Cura preview doesn't pick this up?

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    I believe those are just showing where the printhead is moving and not necessarily extruding, i.e., travel moves. You can disable showing travel moves in the list on the screen.

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    It is showing travel moves as Shells and Infill, although they should be represented as Travels.

    With the 'Travels' tab ticked or un ticked it is still showing these lines.



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