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    New User Wondering about Spares

    Newbie here. So new that I have not even received my printer yet. (So be gentle, please!)

    I have a new CR-10S Pro on order. It will be my first 3D printer. In researching spare parts that might be needed (and other related issues), I found a place selling extruder nozzles in a 10-pack. Do 3D printers go through extruder nozzles on a regular basis?

    As a new, first time 3D printer (soon to be) owner, what sorts of spares should I have and keep on hand? What sort of accessories should I anticipate needing. (I saw one video of a fellow using a heat gun to do a final smoothing on his printed product - that sort of thing.)

    Also, I'm in the market for a starter variety of filaments, PLA and some TPU. I see lots of filament offered on eBay. Is any of it any good? Any brands or types I should avoid? Any brands that are highly recommended?

    It is tempting to experiment and prototype with cheaper filaments. and then switch to the good stuff for the final product but, from what I've read in various places on line and learned on YouTube, various filaments need to be "tuned" temperature-wise to get the best results. Is it best to just buy the good stuff right away and use that for prototyping or is it worthwhile to use cheaper stuff in the earlier design stages?

    I have much to learn. The CR-10 seems to get high marks from a large community of users so I figured going with a CR-10 model would be reasonably safe.

    All advice will be appreciated. TIA.

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    Re: filament, it all relies on your budget.... "Premium" brands offer better spooling, no humidity, no surprises, constant diameter, etc. I'd suggest, right now, Prusament. There are even more expensive and more cheap filaments but up to you and the risks you wanna take hehe

    The CR's come with a nice amount of spares included, but nozzles (10 may be a bit excesive) are always welcome.

    CRs are "famous" because deliver nice prints for cheap price and you get big printing volume too, BUT they require lots of tweaking after a few prints... You'll see...

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    Overall, a good 3D printer and I'm happy with it. I have now had the Creality CR-10 for several months and have printed every day. I print PLA & ABS and have had no issues.



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