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    Cable tie holder f0r Rapide Lite's


    Just wanted to share a printed part i just posted up on Thingiverse.

    Its a Cable tie holder for a countersunk hex nut (4mm). Holds a cable tie for easy cable management for Rapide Lite-models.
    Printable with no supports or brims.

    Print 8 copies at the same time so you have one for every hex nut on the chassi

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    Very nice. So funny someone still uses Rapide Lites these days

    Ps. "by TiNkiN Dec 23, 2014"

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    I am using one for the first time!

    The local makerspace got one, and it has never been used. It is "assembled"
    Whoever put it together was high or drunk.

    Anyway, got it put together. It is missing the top right and left rod holders at the top, so working on that now.

    We like to take old printers and get them going.

    Wish it had a screen though...

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    Some of my best deals was buying things from drunk and high people. Almost assures the thing wasn't abused - just misunderstood



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