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    Question Bed heater problem

    I bought my printer in October and it has developed a problem with the heated bed. The printer won't start printing because the bed won't heat. Then when it does print the bed will stop heating during the print. I was printing tethered to a computer running Matter Control and the print failed and matter control gave me a hardware error message for the heater. At one point I touched the heated bed control cable connector where it connects to the control box and it was hot. Is this just an issue with the wiring harness for the bed heater or a problem with the main control board?

    I suspect it is an issue with the wiring harness, I noticed when it was printing but the bed was cold, when I touched the wiring harness it made a hum and the temperature started to rise again. It should be under warranty right?

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    Your explanation is consistent with your analysis. You may have an issue in the connection itself or you may have a broken wire within the insulation. If you have the ability to do some point-to-point testing of the two main heater wires, you can probably find the intermittent connection pretty quick. Motion is often the result of heater plate wiring issues, be it the thermister or the feed wires.

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    I had the same issue. I prurcahse a replacement bed pre wired from Creality for $45.



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