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    Useful Mod to .CUBE3 file

    I thought I'd start a thread with regard to useful updates to the .Cube3 file in preparation for the printer.

    I have one mod that everyone should do with every file; remove the pause just outside the waste bin!
    M104 S155 P1
    G1 X-100.500 Y0.000 Z5.1800 F7000.0
    M104 S225
    G4 P15
    M551 P850 S50
    G1 X-95.500 Y0.000 Z5.1800 F7000.0
    M104 S205 P1
    M601 P2 S60 F5


    Manage the speed of your initial "touch down"...

    #Vector T22
    M104 S235 P1
    M228 P0 S500
    M227 P500 S500 G450 F600
    G1 X45.049 Y24.155 Z0.2500 F8000.0 <= 3000 to 5000 is a much more relaxed wandering to your start location.
    M108 S29.0
    G1 X45.094 Y24.227 Z0.2500 F1200.0
    G1 X45.111 Y24.257 Z0.2500 F1200.0

    Retraction management

    M227 P450 S450 G450 F600
    M228 P0 S450

    These two lines appear throughout the file. They manage retraction as a global setting but they repeat every layer.
    Ekocycle use 375 for these settings. I suggest you maintain like values for all three entries.
    The use of our stiffer bowden tubes can benefit from this change. With ABS, you can probably start using ABS materials that have previously failed with default slicer settings.

    I recommend starting with cutting these values in half. Be sure to confirm there are not some other values hidden in the file. I've seen "400" in several instances towards the end of the file.

    Temperature calls

    All temperature calls are M104 or M204. There is some housekeeping settings such as the right extruder providing bias heat for the left extruder which can be ignored. However, the common temperature is reiterated at every layer. That one single value is all that should be replaced with one exception; you can manage your first layer temperature separately. 235*C for PLA 1st layer is simply too hot. Try 225*C.

    #Vector T22
    M104 S235 P1 <= layer 1 temperature
    M228 P0 S300
    M227 P300 S300 G450 F600
    G1 X3.253 Y36.294 Z0.2500 F3000.0
    M108 S29.0
    G1 X2.713 Y36.341 Z0.2500 F1200.0

    Layer to layer temp call:
    G1 X-48.336 Y-56.641 Z0.2500 F700.0
    M228 P0 S300
    M227 P300 S300 G450 F600
    G1 X-63.830 Y-73.049 Z0.2500 F8000.0
    M108 S29.0
    G1 X-64.135 Y-72.947 Z0.2500 F700.0
    ^LayerTime: 0.2500 7.630 107.957
    M104 S210 P1 <= remaining layer temperature
    #Vector T22
    G1 X2.550 Y36.212 Z0.4425 F8000.0
    M108 S22.5
    G1 X2.033 Y36.171 Z0.4425 F1800.0

    Printing PETG in Cube3

    Create you print file using the Ekocycle offline printer. Edit the file to replace a couple of headers:
    ^MaterialLengthE1: 14691.137
    ^MaterialLengthE2: 0.000

    Maybe not all these are required, but some are.

    Retractions in Ekocycle are already relaxed over Cube3 but a further adjustment won't hurt.

    Have you found any essential mods? Have you learned more about the mysterious g-code in 3DS BFB files?
    Please feel free to add useful findings regarding .cube3 file mods here.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Do you want to preview your sliced .cube3 file to know how it is going to print?

    CubePro software can read .cube3 files if there is no preview image embedded in the print file.

    While you are optimizing your decoded .cube3 file, remove the hex image data after the last M107 call.
    Now you can open the .cube3 file using CubePro v2.02 (v1.87 works also).
    You are opening a sliced file, so the open dialog is on the right side of the application screen.
    When the sliced .cube3 model loads, you can turn extruder visibility on and off and see how supports are defined by moving the layer slider. And there is a View All Layers button if you want to isolate only one layer at a time.

    Pretty cool considering the only other way to know how things will print from the Cube3 or Ekocycle is to print it and hope things work out as you expect.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Anyone care to weigh in on a discussion of how you would prefer the Cube3 behave for printing specific machine setups?

    I was thinking of tweaking the print file header (init) section to simplify the run routine.
    Custom purge and maybe even a default "nose wipe" on the build plate.
    We may even have a z-height compensation option in Cubify-compliant g-code.

    Settings that make this a matrix project is material, no. and which extruder(s).

    I'm also considering working with a higher bias heat (standby temperature) in the heater block.
    This is to resolve some notable differences when layer times have drastic changes.

    I'll start working up a better index of usable commands.
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    Good summary, TD. Nice to have it all in one place.

    FWIW --
    I've found the only necessary header changes are PrinterModel and MaterialCodeEx (where x is the extruder #)

    It doesn't seem to care about ^Firmware, as long as the Minfirmware Rev is less than or equal the Firmware Rev, so I always leave those as is.
    If you use supports or sidewalks, you need to change to the same material code in
    ^Supports:301 (e.g., changes to ^Supports:92)
    ^Sidewalks:301 (e.g., changes to ^Sidewalks:92)



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