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    OverBrim - Glue Saver

    This is a little treat... for me anyway.

    If you've followed any of my antics, you may know I like to reuse the build-plate glue.
    It just needs a little moisture and it is set to go again.
    But keeping glue on a plate is hard. Seems it just keeps getting wiped off the edge as you wet it down.

    Well, I've done something about that awhile ago. With ABS, you have no choice but to have functional glue or tape.
    What I've learned is that CubeGlue on LokBuild works excellent on 3DS ABS (and other ABS').
    So I printed a 6" square around the perimeter.

    6" square? ... yes, a 6" square on the perimeter is a sort of wick that collects glue when you moisten the plate.
    This barrier is both a deterrent from wiping glue off the edge of the plate and it also becomes a reservoir for extra glue.

    However, all good thoughts come with a downside. I do give up a couple of millimeters along the edge.

    ...until today!

    6" is not our print limit! Our build plate is!

    So I made this new brim file. It is for Cube3 using PLA left side.
    It writes 2 lines in a 158.4mm square pattern making it a 3mm expanded border.

    Load this up on an SD drive. It won't run through the CubePrint app.


    You might also notice a few other minor tweaks in this file...


    #Vector T22
    M104 S225 P1
    M228 P0 S300
    M227 P300 S300 G450 F600
    M108 S32.0
    G1 X-75.990 Y-80.740 Z0.2000 F5000.0
    G1 X-75.990 Y77.240 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X81.990 Y77.240 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X81.990 Y-80.740 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X-75.540 Y-80.740 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X-75.540 Y76.790 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X81.540 Y76.790 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X81.540 Y-80.290 Z0.2000 F1200.0
    G1 X-75.120 Y-80.290 Z0.2000 F1200.0
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    There's no feeling like walking along the edge of a cliff!!



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