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    3rd Party ABS on Cube3

    This is an interesting find that needs to be shared.

    I don't know the best way to approach this one.




    ...maybe both are appropriate standing back looking at it.

    So not too long ago, MakeShaper sent me a spool of PLA and ABS to test.
    The PLA testing went smooth as always and I find their filament to be pretty decent.
    The ABS test on the other hand were absolutely abysmal!
    And I would have given up there knowing that 3rd party ABS has always been a problem on the Cube3.
    But the color of the natural ABS was such that I couldn't put it away.

    With some very good insight on this forum, and finally getting to take apart my .cube3 files, I tinkered with the settings so that this specific ABS would work. It wasn't hard, learned a lot, and did actually end up with some really good results! And learned even more since.

    So "Bob" got me to try PETG, and now that I can change the files, I could do so without making my Cube an Ekocycle. Ordered PETG, printed, was very happy.

    Today I go to play with a little more stubborn PETG, Amazon brand, and didn't think, and used a modified ABS setting by limiting retraction and setting the temp to 245. Turned out horrible!
    Went back and ran a Ekocycle print and modified only the headers.
    The subsequent PETG print using the marginal filament was now near perfect!

    Remembering the MakeShaper dilemma, I figured that the differences in the two print files, ABS v. PETG, were leaning toward a more successful print using this ABS in the Ekocycle (PETG) profile. And sure enough, the MakeShaper ABS came out as perfect as the PETG print did.


    Long story short; Ekocycle owners, try some ABS samples and see if they don't work for you.
    Cube3 owners; If you can modify your .cube3 files, give this a try by running the Ekocycle print routine.
    Output the file, decode it, and change the few header parameters,
    1.05 > 1.14B;
    and material(s) to whatever your chip is, 82 for PLA and 108 for ABS will suffice.

    This will likely solve my remaining issue with the MakeShaper natural ABS.

    What makes me think that 3rd party ABS fails to print right in Cube3 ABS profiles?
    Simply due to the fact that I haven't found any that works!
    Most would blow bubbles in the print, and that is a retraction problem.
    The 260 degree temp for 3DS ABS is also a little high for many 3rd party ABS formula.
    Between the two, making strong solid ABS prints was nearly impossible.
    I was able to dial in retraction and temperature parameters that make the ABS work well.
    Turns out that the Ekocycle RPET (Recycled PET) parameters are fairly close to what I landed on.
    It is more retraction tolerant than I gave it credit for but the temperature spec is way over the manufacturer's spec.
    Go figure.

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    Thanks for the trick, I will try it out.

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    MarkRon, be aware that the starting position for ABS is 0.22mm above the current gap. PETG/Ekocycle starts at 0.32mm above the current gap.
    You might take that into consideration when setting your gap for this purpose.
    Having used minimal contact to the build plate in the past, this extra 100um was notable on my setup and required adjustment.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    100um shim = blue tape

    - - - - - - - - - -

    For grins I thought I'd print a few of the B2B nozzles out of 3DS ABS using these RPET settings.

    I am printing with a very very very old 3DS red filament, '13 era.
    It prints in ABS mode from CubePrint but it is notably dry on the 1st layer.
    Not so using the Ekocycle profiles.

    I have a theory; whatever magic goo 3DS puts in their ABS leaches out or otherwise breaks down after 5 years.
    Now it behaves more like normal ABS
    This is good news for some of my older cartridges.
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