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    Cube3 File Editing

    We have all these links pointing to all those links pointing at even more links.

    The ability to modify the Cube3/Ekocycle files has become an essential part of making our little obsolete printers live a bit longer.

    I realized I had forgotten where the encoder for the cube3 even came from, so this is an attempt to put access to these two files in a post of its own.

    Don't forget to thank the people who have done the legwork to give us these advantages.

    swwinterry posted the currently functioning decoder that works for me. This is a drag-n-drop utility that is straight forward. Put a valid .cube3 file on the executable icon and a new *.bfb file will appear. I use the desktop, so the file comes from and is placed on my desktop. I've been using it on Windows 7 and Windows 10 with great success.

    Post 1 has the link to "" in the 1st paragraph pointing to a google drive.

    As for the encoders...
    I am having trouble finding the link to the cube3 specific encoder. Looking at Notepad++ when comparing the files, these two are nearly identical:

    CubeX_encode.exe and CubePro_encode.exe. This seems to just put a different extension on the file

    When I compared the 2 files against the Cube3 encoder, there are more significant differences but they all seem to come from the same core.

    ... And a little more searching brought the right file up.

    Aha... Mythandar of course

    There you will find the Cube3 version of the Encoder. I'm having trouble with all the other decoders. There is a message that flashes in windows but I cannot read it.

    Just a quick note: The encoder and decoder may be looking for a DLL. Have a look on Microsoft's site for solution link in the link below.
    ^ this link is the post where this was finally solved for me. Credit to JohnTee there as well for unlocking the final mystery box.

    Everyone fully linked up now?
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    Thanks for gathering this together, TD.

    Note: I keep a shortcut on the corner of the Desktop for the decoder and encoder programs. When I drag a .cube3 file from ANY folder onto the Desktop shortcut, the new .bfb file is created back in the folder where the .cube3 file is. Same for the decoder. No need to move files back and forth to the Desktop.

    Clever programs!

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    Thanks for the tip.

    I'm a kind of dropitonthedesktopprocessitanddumpitinafolderlater kind of guy. But yes, I suspected it was working thus.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    And for those looking for the F/W updates: V1.0!
    This thread isn't about that.
    ...this thread is:*-Hack-is-here!!!



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