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Thread: Cube Glue

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    Post Cube Glue

    Well I have to hand it to John Tee. Using the CubeGlue as a concentrate is working out nicely.

    Part of a quick swap single nozzle setup is to be sure to just print -anything- within a few minutes of setup.

    With all the variations and gotchas, this is not as easy as it looks on the face of it.

    I'm running PLA, ABS, PETG on a revolving basis at the moment. Two machines; one dedicated to PLA and the other to ABS and PETG.

    The glue is a big part of this operation. Turns out PETG requires a gap adjustment; ABS needs Glue; PLA is finicky, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

    I now have a glue slurry on both of these LokBuild surfaces; I moisten them to rejuvenate the glue.
    For PETG, however, it need a 100um shim so I add tape. I put a light coating of watered down glue on the tape and it holds PETG like a vice.

    If you remember the original build surface would not hold the glue well. Normally it just came up with the part. That is not the case with LokBuild.
    LokBuild holds the glue like nobody's business. This means less glue used and parts come off clean or mostly so. No more washing parts either!

    That covers the build plate options but also the nozzle can now remain in place indefinitely. No more gapping or leveling; just feed the new material.
    Easy enough with the universal cartridge mods.

    I print PLA and ABS (PETG) in separate nozzles. Hence the two machines. I highly recommend you remain vigilant about swapping low temp materials and high temp materials in the same nozzle. I also cannot recommend maintaining two nozzles in one machine for 'just in case'. That second nozzle normally does more damage them good. But pair-matching is always a good idea. Both nozzles need to be near perfect to each other. That way you can have a dedicated standby nozzle for the occasional dual extruder print.

    To see the comments on the video:
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    Friggin awesome hahahahahah

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    That's a fantastic glue shaker -- Scale it up some, and you can sell it to the Home Depot paint department!

    BTW, I think it was someone else who thought of thinning Cube glue... I'm not that clever.

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    Cr@p, now I have to right this wrong. Who do I credit?

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