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    I have n't looked at file decoders yet but does sound interesting. What is the benefit of this?
    I know people that can program C++, Javascript etc but not really sure what you want or are asking.

    I have had no response from Tomuro yet so can't update anything on the Re-Cube Pro.

    I'll send him another email if I haven't heard anything by tomorrow.


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    Tomuro is fairly reserved. He'll get back to you.

    Blowfish decryption is what we are talking about. That's about all I know on the subject. But there is some early work in this regard.

    Decryption of .cube3 files has let us do wholesale data replacement with something as simple as notepad. Also temperature adjustment and retraction parameters can be tweaked. We have not gotten very far with this on CubePro yet. Biggest issue is not being able to decrypt v2.02 print files but we can decrypt v1.87 files. This gives us valid header and footers but the 1.87 slicer sucks. These older files print fine using v2.0x firmware. Dialing in something like Cura is a bit more challenging. This would allow us to drop in a complete print between the header and footer. I was able to do this with a spiral print from Cura into Cube3. So this is one avenue.

    A member "Bob" figured out we can decrypt config files for v2.0x CubePro. These are slicer inputs based on application settings. I have been able to recompile a config file with no changes and compared the hex version for compatibility. This seems a boon to opening up the CubePro slicer. But the effort is not as straight forward as it could be. The options in the configs are tantalizing.



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