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    I have n't looked at file decoders yet but does sound interesting. What is the benefit of this?
    I know people that can program C++, Javascript etc but not really sure what you want or are asking.

    I have had no response from Tomuro yet so can't update anything on the Re-Cube Pro.

    I'll send him another email if I haven't heard anything by tomorrow.


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    Tomuro is fairly reserved. He'll get back to you.

    Blowfish decryption is what we are talking about. That's about all I know on the subject. But there is some early work in this regard.

    Decryption of .cube3 files has let us do wholesale data replacement with something as simple as notepad. Also temperature adjustment and retraction parameters can be tweaked. We have not gotten very far with this on CubePro yet. Biggest issue is not being able to decrypt v2.02 print files but we can decrypt v1.87 files. This gives us valid header and footers but the 1.87 slicer sucks. These older files print fine using v2.0x firmware. Dialing in something like Cura is a bit more challenging. This would allow us to drop in a complete print between the header and footer. I was able to do this with a spiral print from Cura into Cube3. So this is one avenue.

    A member "Bob" figured out we can decrypt config files for v2.0x CubePro. These are slicer inputs based on application settings. I have been able to recompile a config file with no changes and compared the hex version for compatibility. This seems a boon to opening up the CubePro slicer. But the effort is not as straight forward as it could be. The options in the configs are tantalizing.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Now this is interesting; I have been wondering what the 4 pads are on the backside of the NANO were for. Turns out these are for capacitors that tie the end legs of the oscillator to ground. How did I find this? Turns out there are NANO's coming out of China that also eliminated the 12Mhz oscillator to the CH340 chip. This all has to do with the communication chip rather than the microprocessor but it is odd that these have never been implemented as originally specified in the datasheets. The only comment I've found so far is that this locks in the frequency of the chip and makes it more immune to electrically noisy environments. But does the oscillator actually function without the capacitors to ground?

    As to the datasheet; there is a 3rd leg to the oscillator.

    Back to more testing!


    - - - - - - - - - -

    Aha... some of the CH340 chips do not require oscillators. Specifically CH340B, C, & E.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    More findings with regard to the NANO's being produced in China. They are definitely moving towards the CH340C chip without the oscillator.

    I received a batch of 4 units Saturday and they all took the initial program for testing. Then I converted them to the current bootloader and programmed them again. All worked without issue.
    Today I received 10 units, apparently the same manufacturer, but none took a program out of the bag. They would hang at the end. I suspect there is a problem with these configurations because I did face something similar in a previous order but those came to life after some futzing. Never had this happened with the CH340G devices that had oscillators. Of course I did check to see if any of these had new bootloaders already installed (it happens!) but that wasn't the case.

    Funny thing however; once I update to the new bootloader in Arduino IDE, these CH340C NANOs take programs reliably and robustly. Seems the slower communication rates for the old bootloader is causing havoc with some PC's USB drivers and Arduino IDE.



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